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Home : Advisories : Vulnerabilities in SmallHTTP Server

Title: Vulnerabilities in SmallHTTP Server
Released by: 403-security
Date: 14th November 2000
Printable version: Click here

Product: SmallHTTPServer

Version: 2.01

Author: astral@403-security.org

Homepage: http://www.403-security.org


1st Problem:

By default if user send request without file name 

specified (http://host/subdirectory/) 

HTTPServer will look for index.html in that folder and 

if doesn't exist it will fill memory 

with 68K. Directory doesn't need to exist. So anyone 

can write a small program that sends

lot requests to fill out memory. (5000 request will fill 

300Mb of memory)


2nd Problem:

SmallHTTPServer supports 

ServerSidesIncludes.When HTTPServer finds SSI 

Tag that looks 

like this  it will crash. 

#tag_name can be any of supported 

(#fsize,#include,#printenv...). In order to execute SSI 

tags file must be *.shtm or *.html.


3rd Problem:

This insecure Server will crash if attacker sends out 

few GET, HEAD or POST requests and closes 

connection before Server



Exploit: Maybe ... but still everything is very easy to 


Fix: Vendor fixed this problem by issuing new version 


(C) 1999-2000 All rights reserved.