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Home > OS security > Patches & tools


Great resource of computer security tools, papers and technology.
http://www.cs.purdue.edu/coast/ (8kb)

 t e c h n o t r o n i c . c o m
Archive of vulnerabilities. Ftp server.
http://www.technotronic.com/ (18kb)

"GIRLS! du du du da du..."
This was written by che guevara. Well although this isnt a phone article, and it may show someone certian way not to attack che's box, i did put this up because it is quite interesting, and well i liked it.
http://www.phonerangers.org/stuff/freebsd.html (14kb)

All docs for sysadmins
Information about the general topics of Internet surfing, about Internet management, all kinds of Web-programming and Web-design, and all platforms you can meet in the Internet - UNIX, Windows NT and 95, NetWare etc.
http://docs.rinet.ru/ (25kb)

Ardon's Networking and Hardware Site
Networking security and performance info and tools. (3kb)

eMailman(sm) -- Security
eMailman -- Security
http://www.emailman.com/security/index.html (8kb)

HACKER WHACKER Remote Computer Network Security Scan
Internet based security scanner that will test your computer systems immediately over your internet connection to see if you have security vulnerabilties.
http://www.hackerwhacker.com/ (19kb)

Secure Online
Computer and Internet Security.
http://www.secureonline.org/ (2kb)

Security Core Communications
Security Core Communications. Security papers, software, packet monitors/filters, advisories, government issues/documentaion, shell reviews, and much more.
http://www.securitycore.com/ (16kb)

Secusys, Le premier pôle européen de sécurité informatique
All about Security and arm defense. Security, piracy, phreaking, carding, trojans and security news.
http://www.secusys.com/ (106kb)

Temporarily On Hold
Admin help security web site
http://www.gronau.org/ (1kb)

A site to prevent and defend you from hacker.
http://www.multimania.com/nohack/ (4kb)

Untitled New
Secure yourself with Firewalls, Antivirus programs and virus removal programs! Protect and secure your machine here!
http://www.nikoni.com/protection.htm (14kb)

Proxy test, ENV check CGI Perl scripts
http://www.dawgssecurity.com/ (1kb)

Widexs - Host Provider
firewalls and protection against trojans nukers etc. the cleaner, black ice defender, nukenabber, lockdown 2000 and some firewalls
http://www.the-lamer.com/security.htm (10kb)

www.secsys.net New
Auditing networks and Systems by acting like Black Hats
http://www.secsys.net/ (1kb)

The World's 1st online and subscription magazine dedicated to security products and services.
http://www.securityonlinemagazine.com/ (3kb)

Here are the newest shareware, freeware, trial versions ~FIREWALL~ ~GSM~ ~MP3~ ~HACK~ ~IRC~ ~EGGDROP~ ~CRYPT~ ~AOL~ ~TOP-DOWNLOADS~ ~etc.~ !GO-GET-IT-NOW!
http://www.subseven.de/ (2kb)

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