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Home > Anonymity > Remailers


 Remailer list
List of Mixmaster (also known as type-2) remailers.
http://www.publius.net/rlist.html (25kb)

Anonymous E-mailer
aa anonymous e-mailer. The ultimate web-based anonymous e-mailer!! Guaranteed to work (If used properly)!!! Mask your identity with a fake e-mail address, send an e-mail to anyone you want!! Note: You must fill out EVERY line of the form in order for the anonymous e-mailer to function properly!!!!
http://www.geocities.com/kurdishnet/anone.html (2kb)

Anonymous Remailers
Some information about anonymous remailers.
http://world.std.com/~franl/crypto/remailers.html (5kb)

APAS FAQ: FAQ For Remailer Users
FAQ for the newsgroup alt.privacy.anon-server. For those new to anonymous remailers, anon posting to Usenet, etc...
http://members.geosoft.org/apasfaq/ (76kb)

enail - a ts2k project
enail 2k - everything you need to nail someones email account! servers, tools, info!
http://www.enail2k.cjb.net/ (1kb)

enail2k - your email terror provider
free list of remailers! we have also got mailbombers and other usefull tools!
http://www.ts2k.net/ (2kb)

Mixmaster Interface
Web based anonymous remailer.
http://www.gilc.org/speech/anonymous/remailer.html (3kb)

Mr. Smith E-Mails Washington(sm) & Mr. Smith E-Mails The Media(sm)
Mr. Smith E-Mails Washington lets users send e-mail to members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives as well as the President and Vice-President. Mr. Smith E-Mails The Media provides a graphical interface to send a Letter to the Editor to a wide variety of publications
http://www.mrsmith.com/ (17kb)

PhoneBoy Explains: Anonymous Remailers
A brief description of Anonymous Remailers and why you'd want to use them.
http://www.phoneboy.com/pig/tech/anonymous-remailers.html (6kb)

Type-I (Cypherpunk) Remailer List
List of Cypherpunk (Type-1) remailers.
http://anon.efga.org:8080/Remailers/TypeIList (14kb)

[kaotix]-main page
Large H/P/V/A/C Site, with a massive text archive, Linux / BSD, DeCSS, playstation hacking, various stuff
http://www.kaotix.net/ (9kb)

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