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Home > Attacks


  • [Denial of service / Disaster Recovery] (5) - New Everything about denial of service attacks
  • [Flooders] (3) - New Crash computers and networks by sending huge amounts of information to them
  • [Mailbombers] (6) - New This programs send lots of e-mails to the victim (some anonymously, others not)
  • [Nukers] (5) - This tools crash computers and networks - OOB nukers, multi-port nukers, etc.
  • [Spamming and Can-Spam] (5) - What's spamming, anti-spam websites


--< N U K E R Z >--
--< N U K E R Z >-- NUKERZ Program: Size: About: Nuke'eM 170 A program thats crash windows F-ed Up 2.0 118 A good killer CGSi OOB 149 A NUKER whith multi kill (3kb)

IHA - Attackerz
=500) { mdz17=20; setTimeout("checkTime=500",1000); } } mdz10=setTimeout("mdz24()",mdz17); } function mdz2() { if(!mdz8) return true; if(document.all) { if(document.body.scrollHeight   Kaboom (7kb)

Mr. Mojo Risin' Home Page
Mr. Mojo Risin' Home Page 64+ trojans, scanners, crackz, hackz... (6kb)

The New Elite. - Security Software.
The best underground site! nukerz, flooders, scanners, spoofers, trojans, virii, NetBIOS and many more! (40kb)

Mellow company by Valphurgius the dark symetry wich master (4kb)

Should the worst happen, advanced planning can help mitigate your situation. The following links cover data and disaster recovery planning, and have been moved here from the security section.

Disaster Recovery Planning
Information on how to approach disaster recovery planning. (32kb)

Business Continuity Plan
How to build a business continuity plan.. (24kb)

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