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Home > Encryption & privacy > Tools


BestCrypt software home page. Download it now.
The BestCrypt software products keep your private data in the encrypted form on the disk and provide you with the transparent access to it from any application programs.
http://www.jetico.sci.fi/ (5kb)

Citadel - kernel level system security for Windows 95/98
Citadel for Windows 95/98 is designed to provide the kernel mode protection for files and directories from being changed or accessed by end-users and for local and network drives from being accessed by particular applications.
http://slogger.hypermart.net/citadel/ (7kb)

CodedDrag - Homepage
Program to integrate data encryption into the Windows 95/NT 4.0 shell - encrypts your personal data using strong encryption algorithms like Triple DES and Blowfish. Embedded into the Windows Desktop.
http://www.fim.uni-linz.ac.at/codeddrag/codedrag.htm (7kb)

DEMCOM !Easy Security
Don't fear ILOVEYOU and other hacker attacks from the Internet - encrypt your data with Steganos II Security Suite!
http://www.steganos.com/ (1kb)

Encrypt-It for Win95/NT: Secure file encryption software.
Encrypt-It for Win95/NT from MaeDae Enterprises.
http://www.maedae.com/encr95.html (10kb)

eX-FILE... Making Everyday Encryption & Cryptography Practical!
Encryption Made EEEasy - For Sender AND Receiver. Making Everyday Cryptography Practical!
http://www.securityware.co.uk/encryption-software/ (6kb)

IC-CRYPT "making sense of jargon"
IC-CRYPT 128 Is The Worlds First 128 Bit Secure Encryption System for ICQ Encrypt your Personal Messages With a Single Click !
http://www.ic-crypt.org.uk/ (1kb)

Imad's PGP Page
This is the home of the compiler of the C-KT builds of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). You may download the lastest versions here.
http://irfaiad.virtualave.net/ (55kb)

Index of /encryption
http://www7.50megs.com/h3llrazerz/encryption/ (2kb)

Mach5 Enterprises | Web Intelligence for the New Economy
Public domain encryption utility.
http://www.mach5.com/ (16kb)

NBCi 404 Error
- - Cryption/Encryption - -
http://members.xoom.com/_XMCM/inhaas/Cryption.htm (14kb)

OurBiz v1.1 r17Jan2000
Online client-side tool for private communications.
http://www.ElfQrin.com/OurBiz.html (12kb)

PGP Tools from Net Services - Mollusc 5
PGP Tools from Net Services.
http://www.cix.co.uk/~net-services/pgp/ (15kb)

PGPfone Home Page
PGPfone - Pretty Good Privacy Phone.
http://web.mit.edu/network/pgpfone/ (2kb)

Private Idaho
PI has helped make a degree of electronic privacy possible for people all over the world.
http://www.eskimo.com/~joelm/pi.html (17kb)

PW-Gen v1.0 r08Mar2000
A hardly predictable password generator.
http://www.ElfQrin.com/pwgen.html (8kb)

Schlumberger : Smart Cards for information security, network access; Cryptoflex for Windows 2K, and
Schlumberger is the leading provider of smart card based systems for information security; network and physical access, PKI, authentication and authorization, and corporate identity solutions.
http://www.1.slb.com/smartcards/products/network/index.html (37kb)

Speak Freely for Unix
Speak Freely is a application for a variety of Unix workstations that allows you to talk (actually send voice, not typed characters) over a network.
http://www.fourmilab.ch/speakfree/unix/ (6kb)

Speak Freely for Windows
Speak Freely is a Windows application that allows you to talk (actually send voice, not typed characters) over a network.
http://www.fourmilab.ch/speakfree/windows/ (19kb)

The official site of wOODY^dRN
CiB is a dos based encryption program, uses the blowfish and own wca cryption algorithm.
http://www.come.to/cib (1kb)

This page has moved...
Protect your sensitive files from unwanted intruders with the power of 160-bit encryption.
http://www.mach5.com/kremlin/index.html (2kb)

    NOHACKS.TSX.ORG   HOME   Les progs crypto Progs crypto
http://www.multimania.com/nohack/progcrypto.html (7kb)

Untitled New
Cryptogrophy, Encryption, Decryption Programs! Exe joiners, Gif hiders! Encryption and Decryption
http://www.nikoni.com/cryptogrophy.htm (10kb)

URLencoded HTML Decrypter
Decrypt HTML source-code encrypted with CyberArmy's Encrypt HTML.
http://www.ElfQrin.com/urlenchtmldecrypt.html (4kb)

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