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Home > Encryption & privacy > DES


(3des) triple DES. Secure des file encryption software - CryptEon
The ultimate in click & point triple DES encryption. For all 32-bit Windows platforms.
http://crypteon.eon-solutions.co.uk/ (25kb)

Data Encryption Standard
Data Encryption Standard
http://home.wxs.nl/~napel/des.htm (6kb)

distributed.net: Node Zero
Select your language: English | Russian | Dutch | French | Norwegian | Spanish | Portuguese | German | Danish | Japanese
http://www.distributed.net/ (12kb)

Easy file encryption software - EasyCrypt file encryption
Easycrypt is an easy to use DES utility for Windows 9x, NT and 2000. It is configurable to suit many needs, but its prime attribute is undoubtedly the ease with which it can be used.
http://www.easycrypt.co.uk/ (19kb)

The Data Encryption Standard
DES is the Data Encryption Standard. This encryption technique was developed in the 1970's.
http://snoopy.falkor.gen.nz/~rae/DES.html (11kb)

3DES Cryptography
Basic source code for the 3DES algorithm. Part of the Cryptography Management Toolkit.
http://www.cryptography-tutorial.com/cryptodes.htm (5kb)

URL for sale
URL for sale, www.encryption.com, as well as 1 800 ENCRYPT. This URL & 800 number are very strong brand assets.
http://www.encryption.com/ (4kb)

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