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Home > Exploits > Archives


 New Order
Huge archives of everything you need for hacking exploits and progz presented to you by pentagon101.
http://neworder.box.sk (27kb)

- Welcome to teleh0r! -
Here you will find exploits, text which will teach how to make your own et ceterea!
http://teleh0r.cjb.net/ (1kb)

-- Nightbird --
Exploits Database in French. Updated Daily. Base de donnees d'exploits tous traduits en francais. Nombreuses documentations et outils sur la securite. Mise a jour quotidienne.
http://www.nightbird.free.fr/ (37kb)

.::NECROSOFT::. (Windows Un-Security)
http://www.necrosoft.cjb.net/ (1kb)

One of the largest most comprehensible exploit archive on the net, exploits by o/s, cgi, ftpd, and many other categorys
http://lexdiamonds.cjb.net/ (66kb)

busterbun planet
Not good but not bad
http://busterbun.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Code of Silence
Exploits, Linux Security, Efnet News, BitchX, Quotes and more.
http://self-evident.com/ (14kb)

Code of Silence
Exploits, Cracking, Linux Security, Efnet News, Bitchx.
http://www.self-evident.com/ (14kb)

Cyber-Tek - Exploits -
- Exploits -
http://inflow.org/cyber-tek/e/ex.htm (11kb)

DBT : Exploits
http://matrix.crosswinds.net/~digitalblaze/exploits.html (8kb)

ElectronicSouls - Rainbow Books Archive
ES Rainbow Books Archive
http://www.electronicsouls.8m.com/Rainbow_Books.htm (15kb)

brkill.c Size: Windows95/98NT DoS attack based in flaw in Microsoft's TCP/IP implementation. By Basement Research. readsmb2.c Size: Improved SMB sniffer for use with l0phtcrack 2.0. By Basement Research rpc
http://hackersclub.com/km/files/exploits/index.html (9kb)

Index of /die_master
Hack - Crack - Nukes
http://members.xoom.com/Die_Master/ (1kb)

Unix Archive
Unix X.p.o.i.t.s (advanced users only)
http://chaostic.com/unix.html (134kb)

Unrealtools.com.ar ]Hacking Toolz[]Warez[]XXX[]Mp3z[]Gamez[]
all kind of filez, nukez, trojans, proxies, security, mailbomberz, bios crackz, find out!!!!
http://unrealtools.com.ar/ (2kb)

Exploits search & archive
http://pulhas.org/xploits/ (21kb)

French Exploits Database. News, docs and tools for security. RFC in French. Update daily. Visit and Contribute ! NightBird
http://www.nightbirdfr.com/ (1kb)

Untitled New
Exploits Exploits! 4000 exploit links, by Operating System. Come get your exploit!
http://www.nikoni.com/exploits.htm (6kb)

Welcome to LiquidLife.org
Get rid of those "free-host" banner ads!!!
http://www.liquidlife.org/ (2kb)

i got 100 mp3z,70 games,snuff,and hacking And all stuff works to
http://www.coolbanan.cjb.net/ (1kb)

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