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"GIRLS! du du du da du..."
Phone Rangers mailing list
http://www.phonerangers.org/html/mlist.html (8kb)

About the CERTŪ Coordination Center
CERTŪ mailinglist
http://www.cert.org/contact_cert/certmaillist.html (6kb)

Access Denied provides a forum for those interested in hacking into websites, most of our hacks are adult websites for free access. We are a learning group with alot of newbies and some experienced. Access Denied is always looking for hackers to help us on our quest for free access.
http://access_denied-owner@onelist.com/ (22kb)

eGroups : I-T-
This egroup is for the discussion of Information Technology. Talk to other I.T professionals and keep upto date with the latest information. If you have a problem ask. Discuss any topic relating to I.T, .e.g Computer Security. Based around trends within Australia though outsiders are more then welcome to subscribe.
http://www.egroups.com/group/I-T- (15kb)

ISS Security Library
Security Mailing Lists
http://oliver.efri.hr/~crv/security/mlist/mlist.html (33kb)

Kerberos Mailing Lists
Kerberos Mailing Lists
http://web.mit.edu/kerberos/www/mail-lists.html (3kb)

ListBot - Deleted List
This mailing list is hosted by Australia's Family Arsenal. It is a Discussion list so you can communicate with the rest of the members and trade info on things such a PHREAKING IN AUSTRALIA and HACKING...join today...it only takes 2 sec...
http://AFAList.listbot.com/ (8kb)

NTBugtraq - NTBugtraq Home
NTBugtraq is a mailing list for the discussion of security exploits and security bugs in Windows NT and its related applications.
http://www.ntbugtraq.com/ (11kb)

The Bugtraq Archive Has Moved!
Bug traq mailing list archive.
http://www.geek-girl.com/bugtraq/ (1kb)

The Happy Hacker -- You Mean you Can Hack without Breaking the Law?
Email List Archive
http://www.happyhacker.org/hhdigest.html (15kb)

WWWHack mailing list
http://wwwhack.com/mailing_list.html (2kb)

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