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--=+| gullisBoard |+=--
High-trafficed german-languaged web-board.
http://www.gulli.com/board/ (5kb)

Knowledge is your weapon.
http://www.psyon.org/forums/ (21kb)

Shared Forums
A multi-site alliance forum
http://undergroundmac.com/forums/ (1kb)

Discussion Forum
http://members.m4d.com/forum/forum/napsternerd/ (14kb)

Discussion Forum
Anarchy WWWBoard
http://members.m4d.com/forum/forum/johnzbombz/ (22kb)

BUG TRAQ Discussion
http://msgs.securepoint.com/bugtraq/ (1kb)

Forbidden Web
Security and Development Forum
http://www.forbiddenweb.org (20kb)

A small and relatively new forum
http://www.hardplex.com/ (20kb)

The Broken
Message board covering a wide range of topics
http://forums.thebroken.org (6kb)

Message Board
CrimeWave Message Board
http://hostedscripts.com/boards/creditcrime/ (2kb)

Message Board
BlackSheep WWWBoard
http://members.hostedscripts.com/board.cgi?user=blacksheep (9kb)

Security Forum
http://www.hackerthreads.org/phpbb/ (1kb)

Neworder's related public discussion messageboard.
http://neworder.box.sk/boardm.php (31kb)

SIGMoNIC BBS - Message Index
http://www.sigmonic.com/cgi-bin/bbs.pl (14kb)

SpyModem's Discussion Forum
SpyModem's own WWWBoard. What has the Internet come to if they'll alow me to use this? Anyways, here it is. Play nice or I may have to get out the beating stick.
http://www.spymodem.com/wwwboard/ (19kb)

True Anarchy @ www.ezboard.com
Welcome to the True Anarchy Forum's. Feel free to contribute, criticise, and question any and all ideahs and theorys on anarchy, anti-corporate ideals, or any semi-related concepts.
http://pub20.ezboard.com/btrueanarchy19698 (10kb)

Come and talk about hacking and amny other subjects to real hackers. plus learn if you are a newbie.
http://pub31.ezboard.com/bhacker87943 (20kb)

Welcome to LinuxQuestions.org
LinuxQuestions.org offers a free Linux forum where Linux newbies can ask questions and Linux experts can offer advice. Topics include security, installation, networking and much more. We also offer a chat room and a Slashdot-like weblog
http://www.linuxquestions.org/ (6kb)

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