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Home > Hackers > Hacked Websites


 Attrition mirrored hacked sites
The biggest mirror of hacked sites on the net.
http://www.attrition.org/mirror/attrition/ (31kb)

-- auf nich oup ow --
Exploit-X is dedicated to providing the latest computer security news on a daily basis, and they do just that. Along with the latest news, they have a well-laid out site with informative content.
http://www.exploit-x.co.uk/ (1kb)

2600 | Hacked Sites Archive
Hacked sites
http://www.2600.com/hacked_pages/ (9kb)

2600 | In the News August 17, 1996 DOJ Hacked
For historical purposes, we are reproducing the hacked page as well as the original page. Both are uncensored so shield your children.
http://www.2600.com/doj_2600rush/ (4kb)

2600 | New York Times
The main page of The New York Times was hacked by a group called HFG...
http://www.2600.com/hackedphiles/nytimes/nytimes_hacked.html (5kb)

2600 | Who have they Hacked Now
For historical purposes, we are reproducing the hacked page as well as the original page. All are uncensored so shield your children.
http://www.2600.com/hacked_pages/old_archives.html (10kb)

Archive of Hacked Websites -Hacked Homepages
Below is an archive of hacked homepages. Nothing has been changed from when it was originally hacked and many links in the hacked pages still work. It will be updated as soon as I get hold of something new. If you think you can contribute with anything to this archive E-mail me. Enjoy!
http://www.onething.com/archive/ (22kb)

ATTRITION Web Page Hack Mirror
TTRITION Web Page Hack Mirror
http://www.attrition.org/mirror/ (3kb)

DIGITAL RESISTANCE - archive of hacked websites
This website is dedicated to all the hackers who use their work to fight against injustice, oppression, racism and censorship
http://www.freespeech.org/resistance/ (70kb)

FortuneCity > 404 Error
'; document.write (my_chunk); } // --> 100 MEGs of FREE web space for everyone! US | UK | Deutsch | Français | Svensk | Español | Italiano | Nederlands | Português | Indian | 404:file not found
http://uproar.fortunecity.com/gamescene/437/hackedsites.htm (11kb)

hacked www gallery
hacked www gallery
http://hysteria.sk/hacked/ (5kb)

http://www.mgmua.com/hackers/inventory/hacked/index.html (4kb)

HackZone - list of hacked sites
HackZone - (114kb)

nodome web hack
www.nodome.on.ca/Da_Bman webpage hack mirror -- mirroring the hack that took place early in 2000
http://members.home.com/sjahn1/editorials/20000331nodome.htm... (6kb)

P4NTZ/H4GiS - W0RLD D0M1N4T10N '97
For the past month, anyone who has viewed Yahoo's page & used their search engine, now has a logic bomb/worm implanted deep within their computer. The worm part of this 'virus,' (in layman's terms) spreads itself across internal networks that the infected machine is on.
http://www.hacked.net/exp/com/yahoo/ (6kb)

For the past month, anyone who has viewed Yahoo's page & used their search engine, now has a logic bomb/worm implanted deep within their computer.
http://www.onething.com/archive/yahoo/yahooo.htm (7kb)

Payback Productions - mindrape, mindr4pe, payback, productions, paybackproductions, naked, women, nu New
huge hacked website archive. icq cracks, nukers, irc scripts, mail bombers, unix programs, windows 95/98/2000/NT programs.
http://www.paybackproductions.com/index2.shtml (63kb)

Saschas Homepage
We have all what you need ! WINGATES WINGATES WINGATES
http://www.sascha-jung.de/ (5kb)

Toxyn @ East Timor Campaign
We hope to call attention to the necessity of self-determination and independence of the people of Timor, oppressed and violated for decades by the government of indonesia. We hope you give your full attention to this historical step towards freedom, we ask that you help us fight the tyranny of Indonesia occupating Timor.
http://www.2600.com/east_timor/after.html (2kb)

Turkey News Center - Hacked Pages Archive
Hack Edilen Sayfalar Arsivi (Hacked turkish Content Pages/ Archiv der gehackten Trkischen Seiten)
http://www.turkeynews.net/Hacked/ (18kb)

Hacked Web Pages Archive
http://members.tripod.com/cpz69_2_2/Hacked.html (10kb)

Who have they cracked now?
http://www.flashback.se/hack/ (14kb)

XeRo and JDragon's Planet Dragonball
Stupid, hacked my friends site, doesn't know i did it. Thinks som1 els did it. first hack so far... -P
http://www.angelfire.com/anime/jptsplanetdragonball/ (4kb)

[ P r o j e c t G a m m a . c o m ] Defaced Web Site Archive
Defaced Web Site Archive
http://defaced.projectgamma.com/ (11kb)

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