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Home > Hackers > Hackers


***Dark Posse***
New online posse, DarkPosse 2000 come join,free email service now available.
http://darkposse.scripterz.org/ (5kb)

- _ - XaXa's Home Page - _
Hacker, Crack, MP3, Deep Throat, etc...
http://www.xaxanet.cjb.net/ (1kb)

-- New
HP of the german hacker "Billy Th3 KiD"
http://hacked.at/billyth3kid/ (1kb)

----------------=|ޣT |-|kr|=--------------
Site hacker com diversos trojans para Download
http://www.hackers.ezdir.net/ (1kb)

---=RHC=--- Putting the fun in disfunction New
This site does not contain much useful information so dont look to hard for something you might not find. This site was also designed with no real purpose in my mind other than to be a place for me too store my crap.
http://raptor.hack3r.com/ (14kb)

--==TH VTx==--
Underground Portal/Gateway.
http://thevx.da.ru/ (1kb)

-=Orky's Page : Hacking=-
-=Orky's Page : Hacking=-
http://www.orky.co.uk/hack/ (2kb)

-=[ TwistedinterneT ServiceS International Inc. ]=-
TwistedinterneT ServiceS International Inc.
http://www.twistedinternet.com/ (2kb)

qw( eccentric hacking/programming website );
http://s0ttle.freeshell.org/ (1kb)

..:: c r a Y f i s h - a citizen of the world ::..
craYfish homepage. welcome to polish underground.
http://www.underground.org.pl/crayfish/ (2kb)

302 Moved Temporarily
Hacking : Windoze, Unix and Mac archives. Cracking, Programming, Exploits, schools, thoughts, web design, links, Philosophy and Art. Updated weekly.
http://www.st0ic.org/ (1kb)

:: SnakeBasket :: Download trojan remover (anti-trojan) and other security tools !
SnakeByte's home: Here you can find all my viruses and other hpavc related tutorials and programs coded by me
http://www.coderz.net/Snakebyte/ (3kb)

Ardent-Hacker.net - Computer Security Information and Forums
Ardent-Hacker - where computer hackers and phreaks can gather/exchange information without penalty.
http://www.ardent-hacker.net/ (16kb)

Atrix - Your Real Security Resource
ICQ Hacker 3.3, Advanced Protection 3.0, Super Scan 1.2 and much more... Visit Atrix Site Now!!!
http://www.atrix.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Online privacy and security. Also - news, downloads,discussions,links and more
http://slush.nm.ru/ (2kb)

All true hackers know what being a hacker really is, if you wanna learn what it means to be a hacker, come here
http://www.angelfire.com/in3/betahack/ (7kb)

BlackCode.com - Comming Back Soon -
A well organized site with a large archive (around 350 Mb) No warez, no bullshit, surfer friendly
http://www.blackcode.com (6kb)

Archives: DOS, Security, Cracks, Manuals..
http://www.born2hack.com/ (14kb)

Brown Pride
hacking, other programs
http://www.hackingfilez.allhere.com/ (1kb)

busterbun planet
I've written guides to all my favorite stuff on here, but this is not everything, the best way to learn is to find out for yourself.
http://www.busterbun.cjb.net/ (1kb)

cap'n crunch in cyberspace
John T. Draper aka 'captain crunch' Hi , it's been a few years since the phone phreaking days, now we're talking about IP telephony. Well, I've been pretty busy for the past year developing e-commerce security software. Finally, you can have a secure community....
http://www.webcrunchers.com/crunch/ (14kb)

Christoffer Mllerstrm's Hemsida
Check it out by yourself!
http://home9.swipnet.se/~w-91065/ (1kb)

controlx - security resource
Latest exploits, bug fixes and security news. Also has hacking/phreaking tools.
http://controlx.webcorenetwork.com/ (10kb)

CrackerUp Hackers New
Sonic Blade Me's Page
http://sonicblademe.tripod.com/home/ (12kb)

Crosswinds * Upgrades
The complete Internet Security Site.We cover Unix/Linux & Windows. No Irc or Icq stuff.Sorry kids,its time you started playin' with bigger toyz.
http://www.digitalblaze.cjb.net/ (11kb)

CyberArmy Homeland
-=-trojans-=-crackers-=-mail bombers-=-linux/ unix-=-phreaking-=-security-=-nukers-=-files needed-=-Hacking toolz-=-windows NT-=-port scanners-=-protection-=-virii-=-You Name It I Got It!
http://home.cyberarmy.com/ (12kb)

Cyberloner Will Be Back ( I Need Host Badly)
A lot of full version software, hacking filez, cracks , midis, fun stuffs, and more to come!
http://www.cyberloner.com (2kb)

Everything about hack/crack, D.o.S Attacking , E-Mail and Web Page Cracking , Port and Wingate Scanners , All Latest Trojans , Over 3000 Cracks, Learning Text For Newbies, NT Hacking Tools, SearchEngine, Many h/c/p/v/a links,Linux/Unix Downloads, Exploits Plus More...
http://www.allhack.com/ (2kb)

Darkk Inferno's Hell
A Darkk Realm's Member Page A Site Full Of Hacking Programs Text Files Just About Everything That Has To Do With Hacking,Cracking Or Phreaking!!!
http://darkkinferno.cjb.net/ (1kb)

deimox's realm
no one can know my world, but you have tried, tried to conform me, so once again you could hide from the reality, but i shall not, so shall i be damned, damned by the light most seek, and cast, into the shadows
http://www.deimox.net/ (2kb)

A incredible growing information of security and hacking related material and overviews, reviews and explanations
http://diablosecurity.n3.net/ (1kb)

digital clock
Information of hacking ...
http://www2.arnes.si/~dkreft/ (12kb)

Digital Elementz
Archives updated everyday! Come and check us out, we have a lot of great stuff.
http://digitele.addr.com/ (1kb)

Digital Nomad, Formerly CovertLinks......
Over thirty links to *computing* sites. No Lie GI.
http://members.tripod.com/C0VERTl/covertlinks.html (6kb)

Digital Venom
Name says it all. Mp3z, nukes, mailbombs, unix hacking, telnet, txts. Also a vast menu of links, and a couple of other misc. files such as hacking member sites and hotmail.
http://come.to/digitalvenom (3kb)

Diloteck Web Design taking it to the next level in web design and development.
Info and warez 100% SF Hacking Cracking Phreaking and more goodies
http://dilosden.virtualave.net/ (9kb)

-=|Hacker Fucker Is Back!|=-
http://www.foreverhacker.com/ (1kb)

Hacking, phreaking, and everthing in between. Hackhouse!
http://Zap.to/Hackhouse (3kb)

Elf Qrin's Hacking Lab
Elf Qrin's Hacking Pages "back to the real spirit of the hacking". Online tools, essays, guides and stories by Elf Qrin.
http://www.ElfQrin.com/hack.html (2kb)

Erik's Helpdesk
C.Humpy Welcomes You !
http://home.wanadoo.nl/enegron/ (1kb)

error 404
Hack, Crack, Phreack in Poland
http://republika.pl/xhacker (7kb)

Error 404 / File Not Found
Irc, Icq, hack, crack, soft, online tests, scanners, netbios, nukers, trojans and more...
http://xbx.ipc.ru/ (3kb)

Flash Detectiont
Hacking Tools, Tutorials, thousands of serialz, cracking toolz and tutorials and more.
http://www.razorsharp.cwc.net/ (1kb)

Freeservers.com -- File Not Found
Pak Attacking Group the only real hard working PakHackers around the world Gathering until the end of this year to let the big bomb blow in India!
http://www.pakandhack.scriptmania.com/ (7kb)

Working to be a top site, We have Hacking arhives on Linux, cracks, nukes, email- bombs, floods, search,IRC, ICQ, Keyloggers, Trojans, virii, And a lot lot more!!
http://pages.eidosnet.co.uk/thebandit/Hack.html (1kb)

Hack Desk :: Under Development New
Hack Desk
http://www.hackdesk.org/ (2kb)

Infos zu Hack's, Crack's, Security, Netzwerktechnik, Spiele, mp3, Handy, Tools, Forum, Links, Downloads und vieles mehr!!!
http://www.hackbox.de/index.htm (62kb)

Hacker Technologies, Inc. - Hacking and Computer Security Resources.
All you need to learn and know about computer hacking. HTML Converted format hacking text files are available.
http://hti.cjb.net (1kb)

Hacker'Z BookmarkZ - The Webs best Hacking Sites!
The HackersiteZ is a sorted list of the best underground pages dealing with this topic.
http://hackersitez.virtualave.net/ (9kb)

Hackers Heaven
Tons of files with NO BS pop-ups or misleading links at ALL!!!! You get Tons of files that are easy to find and download.
http://members.xoom.com/Hackers/hackers_heaven.html (3kb)

Hackers of the world unite.....
Great Hacking site! tons of hack tools- password crackers, war dialers and etc. plus links and hacking hall of fame!
http://crash.to/kingofnynex (3kb)

Hackertronics.com - the #1 supplier of Underground Devices, Software and Hardware
Huge on-line catalog designed for the serious computer Amazing devices and software. Hacker, phreaker, cracker, dss/cable tv user, gambler, spy, and electronics enthusiast.
http://www.hackertronics.com/ (8kb)

Hacking cracking ad all of the above.
Click here for text, trojans, virii, wwwboard, chat, and just about anything else.
http://ftwjfia.tripod.com/ (9kb)

Hacking Links
This site has some of the HOTEST links to hacker sites
http://members.xoom.com/airnik/ (3kb)

Hacktor's Underground Search
WaReZ & Trojan Sites...
http://go.to/hacktor (3kb)

Dedicated to the creation and education of the ethical hacker.
http://www.hakor.com/ (9kb)

Best hackers news and programs
http://www.hardsoft.da.ru/ (1kb)

harx.com /back to the roots/
German Hacking-Site. Over 15.000 germans can't lie! They said: Great Page or Wow!!! etc. COME AND JOIN THE PARTY
http://www.harx.de/ (1kb)

Hi ev
Sicurezza, anonimato, difesa del PC, ricerche avanzate.
http://www.geocities.com/grind75/ (2kb)

Home page
Trojans, Dos, and icq related materialz. Ftp section
http://www.chocolatesworld-skandral.homepage.com/ (10kb)

HOME.RO | Adresa nu exista
hacks, trojans, nukes, other, bo2k, subseven, cracks, serialz
http://crackerking.go.ro/ (6kb)

A new hacking site designed & produced by spooncaz.
http://www.geocities.com/spooncaz/Homepage.html (5kb)

I am a poophead
Find lots of hacks here. Find how to hack. Find what to do if you get caught.
http://www.geocities.com/pipeline/jump/6642 (6kb)

All the software u need: trojans, icq, irc, hacking, ip's, turtorials, brute force,.... and much more!! come to me!
http://icehack.cjb.net/ (1kb)

La mejor pagina del hack puertoriqueo donde encontraras de todo para todo!!!!!!! ***SUERTE***
http://www.timetohack.homestead.com/ (6kb)

Index of /
New site created in Chile, Southamerica with the only intention of education and spread information
http://andeshack.8k.com/ (2kb)

Index of /~thetafferboy
Group[Shadow] Homepage
http://www.btinternet.com/~thetafferboy/ (1kb)

Internet Transparency Association
Internet Transparency Association. Close hacking support. New style of studying.
http://www.homestead.com/itransa/ita.html (33kb)

In a wireless world, wiretaps are bigger and better than ever. By Kevin Poulsen
http://www.kevinpoulsen.com/ (11kb)

kickme.to/tiger/ -- the only kick you need
A Hack/Phreak/Security Link Site, there are some books avaible too..
http://kickme.to/tiger/ (1kb)

Kyoz's Homepage
DiS iS a SiTe WiTh AloT oF NicE ProGs aNd Virii, AlSo HaS SerIalZ To AlmOst AnY ProGrAm oUt DeR. AlSo IncLuDeD aRe SomE NodEs.
http://www.come.to/kyoz (1kb)

LaRma Technologies
heaps of downloads over 300 virii, icq, phreaking, hacking, cracking hotmail, plus backdoors and much much more...
http://larma.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Latino Amrica Underground
hack, crack, virii, anarchy, music, e-legal gamez,etc. Spanish Site
http://launderground.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Logan's Home Page
Logan's Home Page - Hacking, Phreacking, Anarchy, Cracking, Dll and much more. The sisntesis of internet is here!
http://www.ivancbs.cjb.net/ (1kb)

MELIKSAH.net by Meliksah Ozoral
Meliksah Ozoral
http://www.meliksah.net/ (2kb)

HackZz, HackZz L1nkZz. Underground LinkZz.
http://www.dahyper.cjb.net/ (1kb)

morphine network solutions - index
Text about the KaotiK team shits... powered by morphine n. s. - section: m0rphine.net/wc
http://www.m0rphine.net/ (1kb)

n2ooo -a new elite
Well known site of German Hackers. Information on Security, Privacy, Hacking and all other stuff you ever looking for.
http://www.nitro2000.de/ (12kb)

NBCi 404 Error
Warez, cool hacking links, lists, gamez, mp3.
http://members.xoom.com/magier007/ (13kb)

Network 4 hackers
Network 4 hackers. Massive download archive and the latest exploits
http://www.hackersnetwork.net/ (1kb)

Newkur's world
Hacking, nuking, anti-lamers. Tools, text files and docs. In french and english...
http://www.angelfire.com/pq/newkur/ (5kb)

Hackers stuff, like trojans, creditcard generators, and all sorts of stuff, go to my site if you want to get paid to surf the web..!!
http://www.geocities.com/pccdavid/ (2kb)

Nova Freezes' home page
Security, Hacking, Nova Freeze. Unix , Linux .Quantum Computing , Links, all sortsa stuff
http://novafreeze.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Nova pagina 1
Every thing u need to hack in one simple site, frequently updated!!
http://www.cw-skandral.homepage.com/ (4kb)

Oblivion-X Underground Search
It has everything you could ever need hacking, phreaking, cracking, UNIX, Linux, windows, denial of service, exploits, tutorials, guides, texts, programs, nukers, flooders, icmp, udp, password crackers, emulators, disassemblers, source code + more!
http://hysteria99.cjb.net/ (7kb)

PHP Examples
XerXess page
http://www.kki.net.pl/~xerxess/ (27kb)

Please Wait While redirecting you.
The place for the absolute beginners on how to use back orifice 2000. There's even a message board for discussion.
http://home.cyberarmy.com/nexzus/ (2kb)

Portwolf.com 2000 Cavern of the Wolf
Portwolf.com 2000 - Cavern of the Wolf
http://www.portwolf.com/ (12kb)

ProgramJammers Hideout -=Knowledge In Depth=-
ProgramJammers Hideout -=Knowledge In Depth=-
http://www.programjammer.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Project Hellgate
An ideal hangout on the web for intermediate and advanced Linux and *BSD users.
http://proj-hellgate.hypermart.net/ (5kb)

http://www.pryde-lands.com/catman/ (3kb)

hacking Psx Linux Irc
http://renaissance.tsx.org/ (2kb)

Richard Stallman's Personal Page
This is my personal web site.
http://www.stallman.org/ (25kb)

Sg Tools New
This site is a collection of programes mad by singapore coders.No crap, no shit.
http://sgtools.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Shhhhh...speak slowly !
Hotmail, Yahoo Password cracking explained..Also, Mail Bombers & Fake emailers available
http://swapnil.4mg.com/documents0/thezone.htm (10kb)

Bilder, Progz, Javascripts, Music, mp3player, Memberchat, Trojaner, ICQ, Hilfe in allen Lebenslagen.
http://www.shila.at.gs/ (1kb)

Shoppen in Emmeloord
the-lamer.com almost everything a lamer needs ; password crackers, lot's of trojans, icq tools, net tools, internet security tools even some warez and how to hack hotmail !
http://www.the-lamer.com/ (2kb)

Site Not Found
Cyber G@ngster HomePage
http://cgang.bizland.com/ (1kb)

SkullDudes New
SkullDudes Website contains Security Programs, Cracks, Warez, Serialz, Appz, Needed Files, Firewalls, Trojans...
http://www.skulldudes.net/ (2kb)

SmartHack - [http://www.smarthack.com] New
Gigantic archives in hacking/security, net tools, cgi scripts, free web hosting, icq tools and heaps heaps more, check us out today!
http://www.smarthack.com/ (4kb)

So Glad you Made it - welcome to the obligatory splash screen !
So Glad you Made it - welcome to the obligatory splash screen !
http://www.bonar.co.uk/ (2kb)

SpyjureNet - Where you can find original texts and source code relating to system and network security and viruses.
http://www.spyjurenet.com/ (8kb)

SubZero's Planet
We have very big archives of Nuker, Trojans , Textfiles, Virri and other cool stuff. Updates are regularly. More than 200MB online!!! VISIT NOW!!!
http://www.SubZero.ForU.de/ (2kb)

systemgen0cide New
http://systemgen0cide.homestead.com/ (16kb)

Sul urn's Home Page
Sul urn's Home Page
http://www.soulburn.cjb.net/ (1kb)

This site contains technical details of the break-in and pursuit, including actual analysis of the original break-in, voice messages left after the break-in, live transcripts of some of Kevin Mitnick's sessions, conversations, and much more.
http://www.takedown.com/ (7kb)

The Flammable Pheces: All original knowledge about just about everything you want to know. How to hack hotmail, exploits, denial of service, how to count in hex/bin, how to get free postage...it's all here.
http://www.pheces.org/ (1kb)

Tha New Godz of The Net
The real mothafuckin hackers no fake ass shit. With sub 7, Viruses, E-mailing Utilities, Hacking Utilities, Encryption/ Decryption , And More.
http://thanewgodz.cjb.net/ (1kb)

The best h/p/v/c/a side on the web. DaSkull.....
The best h/p/v/c/a side on the web. DaSkull.....
http://www.kooijmans.tmfweb.nl/ (31kb)

The BioHazard HQ.
The BioHazaed HQ, Source of Hack Information ! (3kb)

The Hacked Matrix
administration toolz, worth while link's, text for young and old, and toolz.
http://HaVoKs.web-page.net/ (1kb)

The HackerZ PaRaDiZe
The ultimate Hackerz Site
http://www.ghf.notrix.net/ (3kb)

The Happy Hacker -- You Mean you Can Hack without Breaking the Law?
Happy Hacksters!
http://www.happyhacker.org/ (3kb)

The Maddog Page
Welcome to my page here you can do allmost everything.
http://mad2000.cjb.net/ (1kb)

The Official Home Page Of Cute_Evil.
H/C/P/ Archieves and Links
http://i.am/kute (3kb)

The south african Hacking page
http://binaryoutlaws.warez.net/ (1kb)

The_Mechanik's Lair
The_Mechanik's Lair
http://members.internettrash.com/the_mechanik/ (2kb)

Games cracks serials patches news stuff tv links
http://timeracer1.tsx.org/ (2kb)

The TITH hacker clan is the Best Fucks to Rest...... THE TITH RULEZ!
http://www.tith.org/ (1kb)

A pretty big virus archive, h/p/v/a/c news, anarchy texts, and more.
http://members.tripod.com/nofston/ (8kb)

I.C.U.H. ITALIAN COLLABORATION UNIX HACKING (webmaster ^SPOOk^) Exploit problem bug of Like Unix O.S.
http://icuh.tripod.com/ (9kb)

Come Get Some
http://hellzworld.cjb.net/ (1kb)

http://glue.gq.nu/ (5kb)

Complete Text Files. Rainbow books, texts on ANYTHING for hacking, telnet, unix...soon to be HackersArchives.com
http://www.geocities.com/pyralinx/ (1kb)

Learn how to hack to-day and become Elite, get your hacking tools here, and plenty of virii to choose from.
http://www.geocities.com/ultrahackers/ (4kb)

great html and java info
http://techanswbbs.koolhost.com/ (4kb)

http://www.angelfire.com/or/drmicro/ (5kb)

Manuales de Linux, win, trucos...
http://www.geocities.com/linux_corp/ (1kb)

Ghostly Mayhem and Jargon's Realm. Weve got heap of programs and texts for any level hacker.
http://ghostlymayhem.gq.nu/ (5kb)

Site for all of your security needs.Big and only with the best texts archive,one of the biggest archive of free books online,latest security news,latest exploits and a lot of Linux programs.
http://users.ldproxy.com/maniac/ (10kb)

Syn's Hacking Site With All The Tools Your Ever Need !!
http://www.angelfire.com/nf/Syn/ (8kb)

mIRC, ICQ, Downloads, .mp3, Hacking Hotmail, Trojanz, (VIRII) all here at laRma, become a member now for FREE!!!
http://www.geocities.com/larma_1999/ (2kb)

For you newbies and for you experienced peoplez.
http://www.angelfire.com/mo2/kyoz/ (6kb)

linux security focus
http://www.kelate.net/ (5kb)

V O O D O O H A C K E R S - Best viewed at 1024x768 with IE
Thousands of texts and programs. A #1 site, a must see
http://www.voodoohackers.com/ (4kb)

H/P/V/C/A files archive
http://vdc.tsx.org (2kb)

Vem.org XXX password sites list, free passes to sex sites.
XXX password hacked every 30 minutes.
http://www.vem.org/ (9kb)

WBG Links
This site contain no warez files, mp3 files or adult materials. Just a link site and nothing more. A quality link site.
http://www.wbglinks.net/ (22kb)

Hacking (Unix, WinNT,Mac Hacking) Trojan and Anti-trojan Warez Icq Hacking Irc Password Virii Phreaking Appz. (Turkish lang. only)
http://webprovider.com (48kb)

Welcome to wittys.com
UNIX, NT, and Oracle Security and Hacking Information. Rainbow books, files, IP ports, links, FAQs.
http://www.wittys.com/ (3kb)

Welcome to [The Magic Book of Hacker 2100] - press CTRL+D to bookmark us
Hackers' Information.. Security.Bug.Attack.ICQ
http://hit2100.cjb.net/ (6kb)

www.HackTec.com >>> News New
All for Hack... All about Hack...
http://www.hacktec.f2s.com/ (12kb)

WWW.PASSWORDS2000.COM - Free xxx passwords
Daily hacked xxx passwords
http://www.passwords2000.com/ (103kb)

Hacking/Security Direct downloads: hacking tools, war tools, security tools, firewalls, defence tools, virusscan, source codes, icq attack/defence tools, mail bombers, anonymous mailers, nukers, DoS tools, and more!
http://homepages.hack-net.com/ghetto/insecure/ (7kb)

XOOM.it Servizi Iscritti: service
Anarchy, crack, security.
http://members.xoom.it/BossG/ (14kb)

XOOM.it Servizi Iscritti: service
If you're a programmer you can upload your programs on it.
http://members.xoom.it/hackerzone/ (14kb)

XXX-Password.com XXX password sites list, free passes to sex sites.
free xxx passwords
http://www.xxx-password.com/ (9kb)

[ Prence.Org ]
Loads of info and exploits for windoze, Linux and FreeBSD. Also programs used for hacking (lame).
http://www.pr3nc3rewt.cjb.net/ (1kb)

[[:( U n d e r g r o u n D )::]]
Hacking, Phreaking, Satellite, Pirating, Security, Cracking & More!
http://come.to/SpAwN-X (2kb)

The Greatest Hacker's Page In China!
http://netforce.3322.net/ (1kb)

150 resource(s) in this category...

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