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Home > Hackers > Private


#rm-hacking stats from data fucking genius!
Links,apps,games,cracks,ftp's,serials,text files on everything,helpful trickz,hacking,radio stations,mp3z + albums,cheap macdonalds,south park,prank calls,phreaking, nice layout, no dead links, no bullshit
http://sonicworld.hypermart.net (59kb)

---------> Welcome in site for hacking and cracking<----------
---> Site for Hacknig,Cracking...and much more <---
http://www.fly.to/amar2000 (3kb)

//-dIoNiSiO | hAcK-\\
hAcK-\\ .Orgia de Hackers Chilenos. Linux, H/C/P/V. y mucho ms
http://pagina.de/dhack (3kb)

Eine sehr groe Site mit vielen Link's!!!!!!:-D
http://redalertz3000.x2.nu/ (1kb)

:: neo archive :: http://ne0.cjb.net :: http://come.to/neotr
The best hacking site in turkey.
http://www.ne0.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Hey, Check it out. This site will have alot of military stuff.
http://fuznuts.8m.com/ (4kb)

AnDrEw'S wEbPaGe
It has all the stuff you need for HACKING, ICQ BOMBING, ICQ PASSWORD CRACKING...etc and it updates DAILY!!!!
http://i.am/_AnDrEw/ (3kb)

Arioko WEB
WEB con tutoriales de programacin, crackz, mp3z, humor, sexo gratuito, SMS, ...
http://www.arioko.da.ru/ (1kb)

HoTShiT page
http://www.x-3m.4mg.com/ (2kb)

Back Door Security News Network=-The difference between YOU and the victim!
Your First Stop for Security news,exploits,tools,newsletters and more!UPDATED DAILY!!
http://www5.50megs.com/bdsnn/ (3kb)

be sure you chec out the free money section this week!!!
progz, crackz, hackz, they all work... updated weekly you want it...i can get it
http://www.umpier.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Good site for hackers. I've trojans more then 250 nukers.
http://surf.to/blackrhinos (3kb)

Bollywood Island
A way cool website, all about hacking and cool softwars. Above all the write takes all the responsibility for the use of these programes.
http://www.i.am/kashifz (3kb)

This site will be the most complete one and best edited in the web.
http://site.voila.fr/bruno.leb (1kb)

bugtech web site
Personal website about security on computers.
http://bugtech.cjb.net/ (1kb)

In questo sito troverai tutto: mp3 dei Queen, crack, crack course, e altro ancora... tutto da genesis! Sito dedicato a Claudia, la Regina!
http://www.angelfire.com/vt/regina/ (13kb)

Chad's Homepage
hey yall, this is my site that will have everything on it that i can find that is kool, this site is brand new and always under constuction, but is fully functional, come on down for phreaking boxes, hacking, cracking, and everything else that is illeagle
http://chadspage.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Great place for newibies and lamers! En Espaol!
http://www.coadiction.homestead.com/ (6kb)

CyBeRDaNi's homepage
We have it all !! Hacking, emulation, mp3, Games and allot more just take a look and see for yourself ! see you at my site !
http://www.theplace2be.cjb.net/ (2kb)

Cyberkills Homepage [--Herzlich Willkommen--]
Welcome to Cyberkill... CounterStrike, StarWars, Hack-Tools, Themes, Bilder, Downloads usw.
http://www.cyberkill.de/ (3kb)

Devil Panther
This is the most coolest thing you have ever seen!!!!
http://www.geocities.com/dp_site/ (7kb)

Vϣ @
yahoo botz and programs
http://go.to/devilsplace (1kb)

Disclaimer - Vereinbarung
All about cannabis, love parade, cracking, programming
http://members.tripod.de/datensurfer/ (6kb)

Hacking/Phreaking/Cracking/Viruses A Very Dangerous Website! Highly classified information! A superior resource to the best programs and applications. Featured @ CNN.COM as one of the most dangerous websites to cater the hacker. Come see what they call dangerous!
http://djfurby.cjb.net/ (2kb)

Die Megafetteste Site des Jahrtausends!
http://www.e-town.de.vu/ (1kb)

Enter of leave. . . .
hacking nuking etc
http://hakkerz.cjb.net/ (1kb)

File Not Found
http://freezoned.cjb.net/ (23kb)

FortuneCity > 404 Error
Here you will find H/C/P/V/A, XXX Pics, Cracks for Games, Cars, and much more in portuguese.
http://marcondeshp.cjb.net/ (11kb)

Get Access!
Best Underground Site With A Huge Hacking Section. All Kinda Warez, XXX, Webmaster And Hacking Web Pages!
http://kickme.to/System_360_Sites/ (59kb)

Hack Me Now
Hello Hackers. Please hack this website. I challenge you. You know you want to.
http://www.angelfire.com/linux/HackMeNow/ (4kb)

ger|\_/|a/\// KillerZ! _ >< /\ () > \/\/aREz |-|aCkz a/\/d |\_/|oRe
http://mad-hackz.rockt.de/ (2kb)

sImOLF feAT. M@@s pAgE BEsT gErMan HaCkin PaGe!! ger|\_/|a/\// KillerZ! wArEz hAck tOOlz...
http://www.angelfire.com/yt2/Hack4U/ (7kb)

Hacking, Cracking and Warez
http://hacken.lookup.nl/ (1kb)

anonymous mailing, icq tools, trojans, subseven, BO, links, mailing, mailbombing, security, hacking, tools, hacking tools, icq, fun, hotmail
http://www.hackersutopia.com/ (2kb)

Hacking Shack
All The Hacking Tools Your Ever Need ! !
http://www.hackingshack.com/ (2kb)

Progz, text, links, money and a load more
http://come.to/hacking.com (3kb)

happiness is a warm computer
Can you see more glass?
http://users.dhp.com/~pluvius/ (4kb)

head.title_string == "Christoph's Homepage"
For Newbies, here you get all the tools and knowledge you need!
http://www.ceicke.de/ (2kb)

The ultimate site for all your computer security and hacking needs. Hundreds of texts, exploits, resources for Windows NT and Linux, cryptography, programming, anonymity, remailers, phreaking, coverage of the latest hacking news, links, and more!
http://www.hideaway.net/ (34kb)

Higher Learning : For all the real hackers & phreakers
Higher Learning. This page is meant for all the REAL hackers who still believe in the old hacker code, the few that still exist that is...
http://www.xs4all.nl/~l0rd/ (16kb)

An official page of the Eastern Forces 2000 inc. Provided & Hosted by : Their elite CEO ~LiQuId~ Hacking downloads a plenty Daily news for the hacker Links exchange & post-up page Bullitin board & Links to other e-force endorced & hosted sites... A must for all newbie & pro. hackers :- "come visit" ~LiQuId~
http://www.liquidTSE.bizland.com/ (7kb)

Homepage von marvins.de.cx
http://www.marvins.de.cx/ (1kb)

idle channel
Appz, Crackz, Hackz, Downloadz, And More.
http://comstech.com/~jacksweb/ (1kb)

Loper World Airsoft Joni Hatanp
http://www.geocities.com/loperworld/ (14kb)

Index of /Area51/Starship/5595
Downloadz, Hack-Faqz, Mail-portbomber,Blackbook, usw. yeeepeee jayeeee!!!!!!!
http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Starship/5595/ (1kb)

Index of /taupehack
Site franais, Hacking, virii, gamez, warez... thye best underground
http://www.chez.com/taupehack/ (1kb)

Hacker, cracker, irc, war, etc... y en ESPAOL
http://www.personales.com/espana/barcelona/kgilforever/indic... (3kb)

inicio gore_hack
hack crack icq tools etc...
http://www.geocities.com/th3_g0r3/ (3kb)

In this page there tutorials, utilities,trojans,h/p/c/v,and all the things free!! (spanish lang.)
http://www.teleline.es/personal/reches/inicio.htm (3kb)

iT's ThE HaCkErS HoMePaGe
You are just one click away from it...
http://hack3r.virtualave.net/ (5kb)

Linkzworld - Update coming soon ...
http://www.linkzworld.de/ (1kb)

Cool site no ad's pop up's and bullshit just programs and it is updated all the tome by ME....
http://www.dashit3.homestead.com/main.html (13kb)

mentalroom, rltekhza
http://www.tar.hu/mentalroom/ (9kb)

MeNaToMBo's official site New
Aol passwords, cracks, hacks, proggies, and more
http://www.menatombo.com/ (2kb)

Michels P@ge - Humor, Eletronica, Ilusoes, E-mail Anonimo, Script
Varias coisas legais como: Humor, Email Anonimo Ilusoes de Optica, Ferramentas de Busca, Jogos, Mp3 Calculadora Hp 48G/GX e muito mais......
http://michelspage.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Some really good links concerning hacking
http://www.microb0x.com/ (2kb)

Mr.John's Underground
Underground Startpage. All about the internet Underground.
http://johnstart.com/underground.html (12kb)

My First Homepage
It is a emulator and games site!
http://go.to/patpat (3kb)

NBCi 404 Error
I all about what it is to be a real hacker. I am all for knowing and learning. I have many links, I am very curious.
http://members.xoom.com/_XMCM/Luminosity/matt.htm (13kb)

NBCi 404 Error
Sur ce site ~60 pages de "hacking" , "cracking".(ASM, SOFTICE,...) , GSM , ...
http://members.xoom.com/cours666/ (13kb)

NBCi 404 Error
A page with a few downloads and extras. If u need some room, the email me.
http://members.xoom.com/scramch3157/ (13kb)

netvampirinin hack eitimi (generated by XOOM's Easy Page Builder v2.0)
it is written in turkish about hacking
http://members.xoom.com/netvampiri/ (3kb)

New Page 6
turkish gore gallery violence qwertyu suicide pix illegalmp3 death hack crack
http://www.deathclub.8m.com/ (2kb)

If Your a lamer (beginner) this is the site for u. It's got a few good programs that'll help u hack into people's computers, gain pop3, http and html passwords, reveal passwords, optimise your icq and lots more shee. It's also got playstation and dreamcast emulators and more.... The password and username for the authorised section is omz:pass
http://www.omz69.homestead.com/omz69.html (78kb)

OverRide's Home Page
OverRide's Home Page
http://63532593.home.icq.com/ (11kb)

polymorphe.org : Cours d'informatique de haut niveau en ligne
French site with some ressources in informatics(network, security, OS...)
http://www.polymorphe.org/ (8kb)

Very cool page Have a look!
http://psiskic.webjump.com/ (3kb)

psyklopz has not finished moving in yet
A little bit of everything on H/P/V/C/A. Perfect site 4 newbies.
http://www.httpcity.com/psyklopz/ (1kb)

Python Net --*-* Hackin For Life *-*--
Python Net, your gateway to knowledge about hacking on the web
http://pythonet.virtualave.net/ (2kb)

Red Alert
Eine seite die auf die mit abstand besten Seiten verweist die es gibt!!!!
http://www.geocities.com/Grafkoksjunior/ (7kb)

rocachica - turincon.com Dominios gratis
Pornografia, juegos, programas win2000 y todo sobre hack.
http://rocachica.turincon.com/ (3kb)

ROMz and Nuke's
Tolle Linkz und Downloadz
http://igor.istcool.de/ (1kb)

Screw Loose's Layer
Over 50 meg of downloadz, TONZ of great h/c/a/p stuff!
http://welcome.to/screwlooseslayer (1kb)

Security Espionage Community
Security and hacking website. It is maintained by a danish hacker called Aicra Byte. Learn hacking. How to hack. Papers on hacking, software on hacking and news on hacking.
http://sec.subnet.dk/ (2kb)

so you are nearly in Chop's site......
the latest up to date warez links - No PopUps - links to other password crackers - links to key recovery utilities and resources -links to cryptanalysis tools and lessons - links to cracks, warez, serialz - links to cracking tutorials - links to cracking tools -
http://www.icon.co.za/~chops/ (17kb)

Solman's skate & graff site
http://solman.da.ru/ (1kb)

Hackerz World Wide - Become one Group !!! The HistorY of da NEW MATRIX HACKINGROUP (NMHG) Startz !! JOIN DA CLUB !!! Become Hacker, how to and HACKER RANKING !!!
http://jove.prohosting.com/~neo666/start.htm (4kb)

kostenloser zugriff auf paysides
http://www.steinmob.de.cx/ (1kb)

Syn`s hellpage
Everything you ever wanted to know about hacking and hackers, plus a little more
http://synister.cjb.net/ (1kb)

tHE conTROLLer
http://move.to/controller (3kb)

The Home Of Magic-X
Warez, Progs, irc, script etc
http://www.magicx.cjb.net/ (1kb)

ThE XiNeT GrouP XiNeT v.2K
#1Hack Side over here..find Out Our HIDDEN Zone!Trojan ZOne: WOULD U LIKe AN AMERICAN BO2K???!!! 1999 THE XiNeT GrouP The XINEt USA TEAM
http://www.xinet.cjb.net/ (2kb)

They're watching you
A french web site: VENEZ VENEZ entrez dans mon site et faites vous hacker
http://www.multimania.com/thesouthparkfan2/ (16kb)

ThRvDrtr매4vR, ThRvDrtr매4vR
chat , midis , gif`s , hackin , crackin , the clan !!! e.t.c !!!
http://www.lanzadera.com/trc4ever/ (3kb)

hackz, crackz, mp3z, warez...
http://underground7.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Underground Central
The Best site on the web for Hacking, Phone Phreaking and Anarchy!
http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Neptune/9908/ (3kb)

Underground Top Sites
Underground links to hackers and security sites also the best links to crack warez,passwords, sat hacking and More
http://uts.hotpage.nu/ (2kb)

HaCkErS dEsTiNy
http://hackersdestiny.ch.to/ (1kb)

Program download for hacking tools & technique, trojan, file cracking, web page cracking, car photo, desktop, network, security, etc.
http://home.cyberarmy.com/simonlo/ (12kb)

A Cool site for hacking stuff and some cool trojans plus an MP3 section for downloading some hits.
http://h3x.faithweb.com/ (2kb)

H/P/V/A/C files. General knowledge and indepth files. Nice source for your underground needs.
http://members.tripod.com/~Ant0ni0/index.html (10kb)

http://www.ci-q.de/ (2kb)

HACKING phreaking toolz TXT linux exploits irc icq trojans and alot more... chack as aut!
http://cyber-tek.8m.com/ (4kb)

Music, Hacking, mp3's, Links and some other things of no real importance
http://www.angelfire.com/biz4/kirkc/ (14kb)

Um site para agradar a todos, des de profissionais e entusiastas de hardware/software a pessoas leigas em informtica. Dicas, Salas de bate-papo, sees hacker, musicas midis, piadas, gifis e muito mais, conhea oque sem duvida o site pessoal mais bem elaborado do brasil!
http://www.geocities.com/adonay1_2000 (33kb)

W W W D O T Z O O M G U Y D O T N E T !!!
Why *y0* Should Know What *They* Know...ZoOMGuY Is out to get you. Hell-bent on sabotage, blackmail and thievery. Don't believe it?
http://www.zoomguy.net/ (10kb)

http://www.angelfire.com/me3/wardaire2000/main.html (4kb)

Web.com - Next Level Domains
Still a new site, but I'll put all the good stuff that I find!
http://def7.web.com/ (4kb)

PCGOD'S PORTAL TO THE UNDERGROUND. Find all your need in hacking,cracking,phreaking,tutorials..everything you need!
http://pcgod.virtualave.net/ (15kb)

welcome in phiron site. {phiron for anything prog,news,free download,hardware,hack,crack,music and i
http://phiron.8m.com/ (17kb)

Welcome to Ofran Omari's website!! hope you enjoy your visit! www.ofran.net is just your own site.
Ofran's website
http://ofran.net/ (2kb)

Welcome To The Moleman's Home Page
Hacking/Phreaking/Virii/Mail Bomberz/Fraud/
http://www.themoleman.co.uk/ (1kb)

lots of files and information on hacking/phreaking.
http://www.angelfire.com/ms/evemax/ (4kb)

A site containing links, exploit code, and some MCSE braindumps
http://www.team-hm.com/ (3kb)

[(Prantix Security)]
hacking, hack, security
http://prantix.cjb.net/ (1kb)

[--Caffeine High--]
The site is new, but i am working on making it better. I have some stuff up already, and more to come in the near future. Some of this stuff would be ok for newbies. Some decent text files are up on all different topics.
http://www3.50megs.com/miyamoto/ (6kb)

`Anti'qhR3ak/S DomAin
Anarchy, Hacking, Social Engineering (SE), Music, Artwork, hanging out..?!
http://www.antiphreak.cjb.net/ (2kb)

Hacking, Programming, Banner X-Change, links.
http://www.extreme-webs.com/zipper/ (1kb)

~~~ Satanic_Kids's Land ~~~
Everthing you wanted to know about hacking!!
http://go.to/Satanic_Kidd (3kb)

Big site, with icq war, irc war, hotmail hack, cracking, phreaking, password crackers, trojans, keyloggers, nt unix and novell hack, flooders, port scanners and listeners and many more.
http://www.web-war.com/ (3kb)

-][LOVExLOVE][- For hacking programs
The best only Hacking ass.
http://www.lovexlovews.cjb.net/ (1kb)

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