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  • [-Macintosh hacking] (10) - Stuff for macintosh.
  • [-Novell hacking] (3) - Novell hacking
  • [-Windows hacking] (3) - Windows 9x/NT hacking
  • [Archives] (135) - New Files archives
  • [Cloaking] (0) - Tools to make you invisible for roots when you enter a system
  • [ICQ and IRC] (38) - New Tools that exploit some bugs in icq and irc, password stealers, ICQ crashers, etc.
  • [Keyloggers] (5) - Keyloggers that record every keystroke in one text file
  • [Scanners] (8) - These programs can scan remote computers for open ports, knowed exploits, cgi´s, etc
  • [Sniffing] (6) - New These tools let you monitorice and analize all the traffic that goes throught and ethernet card. They can be used to detect bugs or making an attack plan
  • [Social Engineering] (5) - Social engineering.
  • [Spoofing] (10) - Programs that let you hide or change your real ip, identd on ftp and irc sessions etc
  • [Trojans] (75) - New These tools give you full acces to a computer if they have a server running
  • [TV hacking] (26) - New Pay-tv decoders and codes, text files on satellite hacking


 Civil Hackers' School
We are building worldwide School of Hacking Art
http://hscool.netclub.ru/ (2kb)

Hack easy hotmail and other webbased accounts with this tool ! ! no bs
http://antihotmail.cjb.net/ (66kb)

We rule your world!
http://www.geeknik.net/ (36kb)

Hacker Shirts And Other Computer Theme Clothing From Jinx Hackwear.
hacKer threads made by hacKers 4 hacKers
http://www.jinxhackwear.com (5kb)

Network Security Information: Guides to (mostly) Harmless Hacking
Network Security Library: Harmless Hacking Book (most recently edition)
http://secinf.net/harmlesse.html (15kb)

New Order
the resource for people to help avoid being hacked, security and exploiting related files and links
http://neworder.box.sk/ (27kb)

Welcome To The Dark Carnival
Hacking Files, Scanners, More Files Soon
http://www.geocities.com/clanwac/total.html (2kb)

www.bihnet.org - New Cyber Generation
BiH Mrez@ Hackera
http://www.bihnet.org/ (29kb)

[ L0T-Security ] - [ Security-Downloads.Com ]
Portal security, a site by team portal. large, and regularly updated file archive and text libraries. the latest news, and all that good stuff. interact with message boards, polls, and more.
http://www.infowarfare.cjb.net/ (6kb)

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