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Home > Hacking > Archives


 Knowledge Miner - PYR8.com
Hackers Institute of Technology - Collections of Files for all hackers, from beginner to advanced.
http://www.PYR8.com/ (4kb)

*******LIONBEATEN HACK*******
http://home-3.12move.nl/~sh278797/hacksite/ (34kb)

New site as of 11-14-2000, already held strong in the top 10 it's first time on a top 100 at haqerz.com top 100. Hacks, cracks, trojans, virii, scanners, texts, newbies, yahoo, and more.
http://www.lvlasterpiece.cjb.net/ (1kb)

-----==== United Hacker's Software Archive ====--
All H.P.V.C.A Software and Tool's.
http://sdhr.tsx.org/ (2kb)

---[ : The X_TeaM : ]---[ Archives ]---
This are the best files all over the net.
http://members.xoom.com/_XMCM/x_hellfyre/archive.html (5kb)

--=+| gulli.com - gullisworld |+=-- crackz, serialz & vieles mehr - warum fr software zahlen?
--=+| gullisworld |+=-- warum fr Software bezahlen? Auf dieser Seite findet ihr Crackz & Serialz fr ausgesuchte Programme mit Downloadlink. Auerdem gibt es hier Infos und Downloadmglichkeiten fr die Serialzlisten Oscar 2000, Octavius und Serials '99 und Tips wie ihr euren Gratis-Webspace werbefrei bekommt. Cracks und Seriennummern ( S/N ) fr aktuelle deutschsprachige Programme!
http://www.gulli.com/ (19kb)

--=+| Oscar & Co |+=-- die besten Serialzlisten Oscar 2000, Octavius und Serials 2000 zum direkten D
Download of Oscar 2000, Octavius and Serials 2000
http://www.gulli.com/oscar.shtml (20kb)

-[ The HackPlanet ]-
Hacking, Phreaking, Exploits, Linux, Security, and more.
http://www.thehackplanet.cjb.net/ (1kb)

-_-_-AlLiEd HaCkErS-_-_-
Hackers kic ass
http://www.alliedhackers.cjb.net/ (1kb)

http://go.to/spookee (3kb)

..--= [ F 0 o l ] =-..
A Great site for Hackers. Its verr complete but its in Spanisch. The English web is on the way. Texts for Hacking, Linux, Unix and for programing.Theres a seccion for Newbies too
http://back.to/dark (1kb)

Trojans, virii, r.a.t.s, irc, icq, ports & scanning!
http://xxxundergroundxxx.homestead.com/1.html (23kb)

Large assortment of Aol-files,Hacking,Trojans,apps and much much more checj us out
http://www.stormzdomain.cjb.net/ (66kb)

hacking text files, hacking, hackers, exploits, files, scanners, rootkits
http://www.717fusion.org/ (2kb)

::NnRphT:: ToolZ
Hacking Toolz? Yesss!!! Trojanz, nukerz, mailbomberz, crackerz, firewallz, and programz
http://www.angelfire.com/nm/nonprophet/ (10kb)

Looking for hacking? Check out the best site for finding tools about Hacking.
http://extremesecurity.8m.com/ (3kb)

http://anarchyonline.hypermart.net/ (15kb)

Anything illegal?
The place to come for viruses,trojans, hacking, cracking, phreaking, carding, drugz, and other stuff that might be of your interest. Still is under construction.
http://www.angelfire.com/zine/weedroolz/ (8kb)

Over 500Gb of Direct Downloads which include Trojans,Viruses,Mail Bombers, Credit Card generators, IP blockers, scanners, Gamez, Appz, crackers, XXX Porn Movies....
http://backbacon.com/hackersville/ (1kb)

Banshee2002's Homepage
Has ICQ hacking progz, Hacking text, e-mail bombz, nukerz, virri, trojanz, everything!!!
http://www.fly.to/Banshee2002 (3kb)

Black Sword Tech
Keyloggers, pingers, ICQ war, icq security, Trojans, Nukers, Flooders, BlackICE denfender, ICQ , Aol, Hotmail, Port scanners, scanners, password crackers, Attack utilities, security. and other files, toolz, and utilities.
http://www.blacktech.org/ (2kb)

Blackdeath's Files
I got files from virii to mailbombers........Site is still under construction.
http://www.geocities.com/blackdeathfiles/ (2kb)

Full collection of all services
http://ranfot.da.ru/ (7kb)

Computer Coding: Programing Languages. Html, C++, C, Pearl, CGI, Four Tan, Cobal, Java Script, css.
Hacking, Hacking tools, downloads, WaReZ, Cracks, Serial Numbers, ICQ Tools, IRC Tools, Mail Bombers, Nukers, Trojan, Utility, Text Files, almost every hacking download on the net.
http://members.home.net/m-steele/ (6kb)

~ Hacking ~Cracking~ ICQ Toolz~ Mplayer Toolz~Exploits ~ Windows ~ Texts ~ Security ~ Scanners~ Fake ID ~ Warez ~ Spoofers ~ Trojans ~ Programming C++, C, SGML/HTML, X Window system~ Networking ~ DoS ~ This is THE BEST damn site on the net !!!
http://www.craze.is-crazy.com/ (1kb)

Cyber Byte
Only Text, Win NT, Linux, Unix...etc. Spanish and english. a good recopilation.
http://cyber-byte.bored.org/ (1kb)

Cyberium Hacking | www.cyberium.org.uk
EVERYTHING! aol, anarchy,carding, cracks, crashing, e-bombs, flooding, icq, mIRC, java, keyloggers, multi, netware, nukes, phreaking, scanners, trojans, unix, virii, linux, wingates, security, texts, nt, spoofing, encryption,appz, source codes, programming and needed files!! Even got Chat boot codes!! 946MB of files!
http://www.krimson.co.uk/ (2kb)

ICQ, mailbomers, anonimal, trojans, IRC, unix, firewalls, scanners, ftp, antitrojans, etc
http://www.dangerdark.cjb.net/ (1kb)

We have it all: cracking, ripping, serials, all what u need!
http://www.ksper.com/ (10kb)

Data Twirl Communications, daily updated archive of computer security information
Data Twirl Communications - a 100meg archive of txt files on comp security, cryptology, programming, phreaking, politics, etc.
http://datatwirl.intranova.net/ (1kb)

PRO-TECT 2000, all about hacking, security, (free) programs..
http://www.homestead.com/davidovv2/ (30kb)

deny.de - web security tools programs wordlists zines proxys
All tools that exploit basic authentication. Accessdiver, Goldeneye, Ares a load others. Exploits, wordlists, proxys, proxy tools, wordlist manipulation software. Support. Webboard. Ultimate resource.
http://www.deny.de/ (36kb)

http://jedijal.tripod.com/ (5kb)

Trojaner, Viren, Nuker, Perl-Scripts, port-scanner, mailbomber ...
http://www.diahack.xodox.com/ (2kb)

I have lots of Hacking, Phreaking, Cracking, and Security texts and files.
http://m90online.tripod.com/ (4kb)

Downlink's Files Page
UNIX, NT, and Oracle Security and Hacking Information. Rainbow books, files, IP ports, links, FAQs.
http://www.wittys.com/files.html (7kb)

Dual Power
Appz, Cracks, programs, TEXTS!!!! 16hacking texts and 18 rainbow books.
http://www.dualpower.cjb.net/ (1kb)

FaTal3rr0rZ | Main
Large Archive of H/P/V/A fileZ We have source code'Z to trojanZ and viruZ and wormZ
http://fatal3rr0r.hypermart.net/ (16kb)

Well a good easy site with no popups hacking/trojans/nukers/password crackers/icq cracks and toolz just check it out
http://hack.netherweb.com/hack/ (1kb)

Forbidden Software
unique software that not exist on any other http or ftp. hacking/security/encoding/isp/warez. real, no bullshit/no porn/ no sex.
http://xsoft4u.cjb.net/ (1kb)

FortuneCity > 404 Error
hacking, cracking, sniffing, spoofing, icq, trojans,...
http://members.fortunecity.com/funsite01/ (11kb)

Muchos programas de hacker, serials, y gane dinero navegando por internet. Conecte y prepare su ordenador con el mejor software.
http://members.es.tripod.de/Gnet009/ (6kb)

Gnomix Land
Mp3,serial,virii,crack, linux, xxx... and moreee
http://www.gnomix.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Hack & Phreak & Crack & Hacking & Phreacking & Cracking & All underground - jedna z najwikszych str
Hacking, phracking, cracking & and all any undergroynd.
http://adihack.prv.pl/ (1kb)

Hack and crack
Hacking stuff, for newbies and experienced hackers. (25kb)

Hacker-Tools, Webmaster-Tools, Handy-Tools, ICQ-Tools free-XXX,MP3
http://www.altavissta.de/ (2kb)

Hacking Tools Nuker und vieles Mehr
http://nightingale.tux.nu/ (1kb)

Hacking site with the best files and everything else that relates to it
: hacking site with the best files always updated also for newbies check it out -=[ Liquid M ]=-
http://liquidm3.clanpages.com/ (8kb)

Hacking Typewriters
,'":;.:;:'":;:.;.";;..,'.;..";TYPEWRITER HACKING,'":;.:;:'":;:.;.";;..,'.;..";
http://www.angelfire.com/or2/typehack/ (7kb)

Hacking, Cracking, Faking, etc.
All u need u'll find here !!!
http://www.hackisland.b4.to/ (1kb)

HackN,Icq,mIRC,VpProgs,Aol,Cracks,Mp3s,Carding,To Much To List,See For Yourself
http://www.hacknvp.com/ (4kb)

Nukes,Cracks,Trojans,anarchy mailbombs and more.
http://redrival.com/rka/ (1kb)

Hacking Archives and related material
http://hacksurf.cjb.net/ (1kb)

http://hackusa.homestead.com/ (28kb)

Huge archive of informaton and filez on Hacking, Cracking, Phreaking.
http://www.hackerjack.co.uk/ (2kb)

links, about hacking, downloads
http://www.icehack.hp.ms/ (2kb)

Icemans Homepage
callya Genertor, Soft, Apps,Warez,mp3,Passes...
http://www.jump.to/iceman/ (3kb)

Winnuke, crack, hack, marahuana, anonymous email, anonymous ICQ and more just go and see
http://pentagone.cjb.net/ (12kb)

Everything you could possibly want! Brand new! Fully Functional! you wont be dissapointed!!!
http://www.geocities.com/otch54/ (15kb)

Come see a great new site with all you need and wants as well as more!
http://www.geocities.com/petronix/ (13kb)

Index of /
We got everything you need, over 140 tools right now..
http://www.thewarindustries.com (1kb)

Index of /
Trojans, cracking, netbus, subseven, patches, mailbombers, hacking, phreaking, programs, filez, port scanners, sniffers, war dialers, icq, toolz, hackz e.tc
http://www.thewarindustries.com/ (1kb)

Index of /
P H A K T A Z -hacking
http://phaktaz.iwarp.com/ (2kb)

InstantMoney.cjb.net - get paid with or without surfing the net
U are already Surf Why not Get Paid for it - $$$ - Hack pay for surf programs get paid to sleep , make mon
http://instantmoney.cjb.net/ (2kb)

Internet Transparency Association
ORIGINAL hacking software. EXPERIENCE exchange. Exchange always enriches.
http://itransa.homestead.com/ita.html (33kb)

join Euromedia to change IT
NetMole Suite hacking tools.Brute force attack, proxy checker, dictionary creator, spiderz (passwordz finder and leecher from passwordz site)and more to come
http://euromedia.hypermart.net/ (22kb)

The largest underground and security archive.
http://cyberwar.virtualave.net/ (6kb)

Le portail des lascars francophones / french speaking hackers' portal
le portail des lascars francophones the french hackers' portal news et liens de qualites news and links of interest
http://lascars.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Everithing you need to wage CyberWar. We have over 500Megs of hack/phreak-tools, ICQ-war-tools, trojans, virii,... New texts, programs and exploits added every day.
http://www.hack.b3.nu/ (1kb)

M r . L i Z R d | M a i n ---
Anarchy Manga Appz Hackz Downloadz Bombs
http://mrlizard.gq.nu/ (14kb)

[FR.] Underground Media, Security, Privacy, and eMags Hacking / Cyberpunk.
http://madchat.org/ (165kb)

On this page you will find load of software used for cracking, breaking and protecting. Programs such as SoftICE, ProcDump32, Interactive Disassembler, HIEW 6.16 (Hacker's view), Softlocx 4.0 are very popular in the world of hackers. So go ahead and crack those password that you allways wanted!
http://www.geocities.com/marko_keber/ (9kb)

Micro Hackers
Port scanner, trojans, hackers new, virii, wingate scanner, hacking unix, linux, unix info, exploiters, cracking, and a lot more...
http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Drive/1324/ (2kb)

MicroMetix Corp(r) "Hacking Is Interaction With Technology"
MicroMetix Corp(r) We have a huge text archive our own Top50 and more.....News Updated Daily.
http://www.micrometix.com/ (46kb)

Moonraker Home Page
Aqui voc vai encontrar tudo o que voc precisa, como Hacker,Ant-hacker,Programas, Games, TV e Radio on line, Piadas,Seriais,ICQ,mIRC e muito mais
http://www.moonrakerhp.cjb.net/ (1kb)

http://www.multimania.com/puramaldad/ (4kb)

Narcuz en la WEB
MP3, Vdeos, xxx, porno, sexo, sex, Dinero, Cash, money Todo en un solo lugar
http://www.geocities.com/narcuz/ (2kb)

NBCi 404 Error
Hacking Tools
http://members.xoom.com/_XMCM/lalesisi/hacking/index.htm (13kb)

NBCi 404 Error
Spanish site - You can find Security texts tools and links.
http://members.xoom.com/hs666/ (13kb)

At netpack you can download al kind of stuff related from hacking to programming and how to crack.
http://www.netpack.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Nieuwe pagina 1
Secure cybercommunications. Encryption, hacking, security, files and info for beginners and advanced. Keep yourself on.
http://www.secure.cybercomm.nl/ (2kb)

Russian Site - Tr0jans , Nukers , Spoofers , wormZ , EBombing , cRacking
http://www.badsite.hotmail.ru/ (2kb)

OVER HACK, by TeTsUo productions
http://www.gratisweb.com/tetsuo69/overhack.htm (6kb)

Lo mejor del hack!!
http://portalhack.cjb.net/ (11kb)

Projeto V
Brazilian hacking site: zines, text, toolz, links and more
http://projetov.hypermart.net/ (20kb)

trojans, exploits, gratis, download, tricks, subseven, asylum, psychward, icq, azote
http://www.puramaldad.com/ (2kb)

Pure Hacking
The best hacking site on the net... Tonz of hacking tools and text files!!!
http://www.purehacking.co.uk/ (4kb)

Safer-Hex.com : Home Page
Safer-Hex - features hacker, virus, and privacy news, as well as methods and counter-measures, fixes, and prevention tips.
http://www.safer-hex.com/ (17kb)

Should We leave?
Cool stuff
http://hardafind.8m.com/ (5kb)

Site Not Found
This site is an archive of ICQ tools, HACKING tools, LINKS, TROJANS, SECURITY, and much, much more...
http://hackersutopia.bizland.com (1kb)

Hacking files, programs, and message board for information exchange...
http://www.smithklan.com (2kb)

Spur of the Moment Elite Social Club
archives, links, bulletin boards, member section
http://www.sotmesc.org/gcms/ (4kb)

Suck My Penis
Tons of Toolz and AIM shit..we are 4 real unlike most sites!!
http://www.townserver.com/insanehacks/ (1kb)

SWiSH [Intro2.swi]
Security Information, security news, trojans, firewalls, cleaners, scanners, vulnerabilities, exploits, text files, sniffers, worms, DOS
http://www.megasecurity.org/~masterrat/ (1kb)

I'm not much on descriptions so just check the site out.
http://SystemX.home.dhs.org/ (4kb)

Hacking, Cracking files & links & search forms, Virii - Remote Control Trojans, Java Applets, Cash links
http://biggy2.cjb.net/ (11kb)

The place to download......
This is the place to download all the nukes, trojans, scanners and ICQ-related software.
http://www.tristan.f2s.com/ (2kb)

The Site
A file supply site for hacking tools and files.
http://pages.hotbot.com/biz/grievous13/index.html (5kb)

the ugliest man
Over 110 files so far, with more being added all the time. Easy to navigate and contains a wide variety of information and programs.
http://chiba-city.webprovider.com/ (1kb)

The Windows Arena - How to Hack from your Windows Machine
A large site with everything to do thih Hacking, Cracking and more. We have tonnes of texts and proges...
http://www.angelfire.com/ut/devilslounge/lounge.htm (6kb)

This page is temporary unavailable
HardSOFT - Best Hard progs!
http://hardsoft.nordnet.ru/ (1kb)

Hacking/Phreaking,texts and programs
http://members.tripod.com/Dumbe11/stuff.html (8kb)

The Deltasitez maintains a hugh archive with DOS, Trojan, ICQ, IRC, DLL, OCQ, Deamon and Internet files.
http://deltasitez.tripod.com/ (9kb)

Tristan's stuff
back orifice netbus download icq nukes tristan hack hackers and hacked
http://tristan.50megs.com/ (4kb)

Underground H@VOCK, A new begining
Serials, Programs, Cracks, Anarchy, Txts...Everything You Need!
http://uhavock.cjb.net/ (1kb)

Hacking, Nuking, Phreaking, Virii, Trojans, Cracking ect..
http://w3.to/immortalz (3kb)

Resource !! Ultimate and Everything YOU need! Links! Search Engines !! Crack Places!!
http://www.diamondresources.8m.com/ (10kb)

Hacks, cracks, icq, trojans, nukers, protection, downloads!
http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/hacks/ (3kb)

anarchy bombs explosives hacking cracking hackers programs files bleach sniffers
http://www.fade.to/logik (3kb)

hackz viruz icq by A&D
http://www.geocities.com/area51/atlantis/7354/ (1kb)

hacking and security links and files as big brother may now be watching
http://www.matrix-world.co.uk/ (1kb)

Just like the other Blackdeath's Files archive but larger and better looking
http://www.geocities.com/blackdeathfiles/main.swf (26kb)

Remote Control UK - Hacking fun for all the family. Virii, Trojans, Mail Bombers, ICQ tools, Cracking, Key Loggers, text files & the Hacked Web Page Archive...
http://rcuk.org/ (1kb)

Featuring original and un-original documents, programs, a large unix section, neophyte info, and more. Is your system secure enough?
http://mistral.aviary-mag.com/ (1kb)

A newbie related site containing 8 starter tutorials and a constantly updated rescource section
http://www.system-crash.co.uk/ (1kb)

Security news,exploits,article,and tools!
http://coconut.yesky.net/ (1kb)

Untitled New
Hacking Tutorials Come and learn how it's done, learn what you can and can't do! Learn what you can do when the feds come knocking at your door! Come and download!
http://www.nikoni.com/tutorials.htm (6kb)

Trojans, BlackICE defender, nukers, flooder, scanners, password crackers, ICQ AOL Hotmail utilities and many other hacking utilities and tools.
http://www.go.to/thehzone (3kb)

Hacking: Downloads, text files, Icqtools, nukers.
http://www.angelfire.com/ab3/huck/ (1kb)

Vipers World
All 'bout Hacking - Phreaking - Coding ! ENJOY ! Tonz of Tutz and Filez
http://www.dark-angelz.de/ (2kb)

Wangs Domain
Many tools for download as well as the Hack FAQ series which is now up to volume 5!
http://welcome.to/wangsdomain (3kb)

The Warfactory.120mb hacking programs,68 trojan with screen shot and infos,700 exploits and much more
http://www.wardom.org/ (60kb)

Warez.com - We are the underground!
Warez.com - We are the underground!
http://www.warez.com/ (15kb)

Web Inexistente
Pagina en donde encontraras utilidades Hacker Mp3 Vqf ICQ Chistes Buscadores Sofware appz plugins downloands etc... etc...
http://www.lanzadera.com/omega5/ (4kb)

Underground search engine. Hacking, phreaking, free cable tv, how to hack hotmail, trojans, exploits, carding, icq tools, virii.
http://www.caspers.org/area51.html (16kb)

Welcome to the Dream World...
A Dream World , where all your Dream May come True , itize just a dream is dedicated to ICQ Hacking , VB Sources , Fractal , Crackz, Serialz,Viruz,and a lot of more , and don't forget itize still alive !
http://www.itize.wxs.org/ (1kb)

Welcome to The HackPalace: hack, crack, phreak, security, anonymous, mail, linux, unix, bsd, exploit
The HackPalace. Contains more than 450mb of high quality, well sorted underground and computer security info!
http://www.hackpalace.com/ (2kb)

Wellcome To AbuelA TeaM
Hacking, Cracking, Games, Text, Mail Bombers, Manuales Y MUCHO MAS!!!
http://www.abuela.org.ar/ (3kb)

http://www.hack.co.za/ (7kb)

x corp
cool web site for Hackers, cracking, irc, anarchy, web design, music, mp3, video, panecillos
http://www.xcorpteam.cjb.net/ (1kb)

[ alpha security ]
A hacker doesn't say what he know's, a lamer doesn't know what he say's...
http://alphasecurity.cjb.net/ (1kb)

[ eternal.Hacking.crew ][ trojans, security, ICQ hacking tools , IRC hacking , spoofers , scanners ]
The best HPVCA on the net
http://3hc.cjb.net/ (1kb)

[CONVEXED] Networks
Pixel Format is run independently by Thurf and is the unofficial archives of the underground and advanced technologies. There are text files of many computer subjects from hacking to programming. Best of all, there are no misleading links or other discernable content. It is all presented in an easy manner to understand (I think so anyway).
http://www.nettrash.com/users/thurf@yahoo.com (7kb)

A large collection of phreaking/hacking texts and books, hopefully soon we will upload many programs and scripts
http://www.undefinedzero.net/ (2kb)

==[: DI - DigIntrus :]== Where the d|gi+@l world begins!
A hacking/security site dedicated to helping secure personal computers
http://www.digintrus.com/ (27kb)

135 resource(s) in this category...

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