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Dark level
FTP-Password-Spy v1.1- gets Pwd of any encrypted bookmark file. (cutftp, leapftp or what ever) Read the Faq, before you contact me.
http://darklevel.homepage.com/ (16kb)

Gork v2.0b, Dsniff v1.2, Echelon for Dummies, LinSniffer 0.03 Beta, sunsniff.c,...
http://securax.org/l0t/prog/sniffers/ (2kb)

NBCi 404 Error
- - Sniffers - -
http://members.xoom.com/_XMCM/inhaas/Sniffers.htm (14kb)

Sniff'em | Next Generation Packet Sniffer New
Sniff'em an promicious Packet Sniffer. A next-generation network protocol analyzer or sniffer, Sniff'em allows the network administrator to capture and retrace the steps of any network user with never before seen ease. FIGHT BACK! Protect yourself from sneaky hackers.
http://www.sniff-em.com/ (29kb)

Here are some of the few IP- and portsniffers that I could find.
http://users.50megs.com/staafmixer/sniffers.html (4kb)

News, Tools, Trojans, virii, Text Papers & war games
http://remote-control-y2k.com/ (1kb)

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