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Home > Hacking > Spoofing


- Ip Spoofers -
http://inflow.org/cyber-tek/e/ipspoofers.htm (25kb)

Long IP converter v1.0 r19Feb2000
Converts Long (undotted) IPs in Short IPs and viceversa.
http://www.ElfQrin.com/LongIP.html (5kb)

NBCi 404 Error
IdentD Spoofers, DNS Spoofers
http://members.xoom.com/_XMCM/lalesisi/hacking/spoofers.htm (13kb)

IP-spoofing Demystified
http://www.fc.net/phrack/files/p48/p48-14.html (24kb)

Spoofed/Forged Email
Email spoofing
http://www.cert.org/tech_tips/email_spoofing.html (14kb)

Underground :Hacking :Methods :Technical :Spoofing
http://advice.networkice.com/Advice/Underground/Hacking/Meth... (9kb)

The Whole-Web Spoofing Attack
This paper describes an Internet security attack that could endanger the privacy of World Wide Web users and the integrity of their data. The attack can be carried out on today's systems, endangering users of the most common Web browsers, including Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
http://bau2.uibk.ac.at/matic/spoofing.htm (25kb)

The ICQ Box
http://www.multimania.com/icqbox/index.html (4kb)

These companies PAY you to view their ads! With my program I made you can run the ads while you sleep!! Download it and use it to help, its ez!
http://furierage.terrashare.com/ (4kb)

Use this thing to send e-mail to someone that looks like someone else's address! This is will be totally anonymous. Your IP address and hostname will not be anywhere in the mail headers.
http://members.tripod.com/~SniperNemesis966/email_spoofer.ht... (6kb)

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