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  • [Cases] (8) - Known cases
  • [Crime] (6) - Computer crimes & the use of computers in crime, computer crime prevention
  • [Legislation] (3) - Computer crimes laws
  • [Organizations] (1) - Anti-cybercrime ogranizations


Cyberlaw Encyclopedia
Alan Gahtan's Cyberlaw Encyclopedia, the I.T., I.P. and Electronic Commerce Legal Portal (100kb)

Consultancy dedicated exclusively the laws of the Internet, Cyberspace and World Wide Web (11kb) - news and information on the law of privacy - brought to you by Keith Enright, J.D.
A news resource, portal, and deliberative forum for the developing law and policies of privacy (2kb)

U,S. Code
United States Code provided by U.S. House of Representatives (15kb)

SB 1386
Covers the SB 1386 computer security breach notification legislation for California (1kb)

UK Data Protection Act
Information on the data protection leglislation, inclusive of computer security, in the UK. (2kb)

Commercial site but with archive of cyberlaw and cyberlex material (1kb)

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Outlines the US security legislation for corporates (3kb)

Service Level Agreement
A pre-written legal SLA for security and service provision. (2kb)

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