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AntiOnline's Phreaking Box Archive
Although many of the boxes below can't be implemented on the modern day phone network, they are without a doubt major entities in the "history of hacking".
http://www.antionline.com/archives/text/phreaking_boxes/ (20kb)

At&t (Age of Thought & Tech)
All known phreak boxes (even new ones) with discriptions, Cellular, Pager, Scanner Mods, ESS, Switching, Everything anyone could ever need.
http://www.attphreaks.com/ (1kb)

Everything you wanted to know about boxes.
http://www.morehouse.org/hin/boxes/boxes.htm (6kb)

Dreamwater Free Web Space: ERROR 404
Pheaking text, boxes, Hacking text, Anachey and more
http://www.dreamwater.com/switchboard/switchboard.htm (4kb)

F 0 N 3 F 0 0
hacking from cocots, the pbx, and more...
http://www.angelfire.com/ks2/shad0phreak/ (4kb)

many phreaking boxes (always updating)coming soon hacking section!!!
http://www.angelfire.com/sc2/hapyslapper/ (8kb)

Phreak Stuff
Phreak stuff
http://members.xoom.com/_XMCM/politikk/phreak.html (4kb)

Red Boxing
This is a tutorial that explains how to make and use a red box. It works. If not, email me: kegsmurf@angelfire.com and tell me
http://www.angelfire.com/geek/freethedoughnuts/redbox.html (6kb)

Some Box Plans
I got these plans from a now defunct FTP site some time ago. They are historical in nature, but you may still find them interesting.
http://www.linuxsavvy.com/staff/jgotts/underground/boxes.htm... (2kb)

TVH - Phreaking - Boxes -
http://www.bilbaoweb.com/vanhackez/h/boxes.html (23kb)

TVH - Phreaking - WAR DIALERS
war dialers
http://www.bilbaoweb.com/vanhackez/h/wardi.html (20kb)

Colored boxes for your phreaking pleasure.
http://members.tripod.com/Dumbe11/Boxes.html (4kb)

all the boxes and phreaking materials you can handle... Tutorials on Phreaking written by shadophreak for the lame ass bitchs
http://angelfire.com/electronic/shadophreak/ (3kb)

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