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DES Challenge Coordinated Effort
DES Challenge Attack, SolNET Sweden - joining the RSA Data Security Secret-Key Challenge. 1997 will be the year DES was broken.
http://www.des.sollentuna.se/ (2kb)

Feeling Your NTBOX Secure Now? - Team JWNTUG RC5/DES Cracking Challenge
Feeling Your NTBOX Secure Now? Team JWNTUG RC5-64 cracking challenge started as a regional effort in Japan. But of course, NT users from all over the world are always welcome to realize more secure NT environment and to help us push the name of Windows NT to the top of the lists.
http://www.jwntug.or.jp/rc5/ (4kb)

I broke Hal's SSL challenge
I broke Hal's SSL challenge
http://pauillac.inria.fr/~doligez/ssl/ (9kb)

Schizoid rc5 Crack Team
The Schizoid rc5 Crack Team is participating in the Bovine rc5 effort.
http://www.geocities.com/rc5descsc/ (3kb)

SSL challenge virtual press conference
This is a list of the questions I got from journalists and other people, along with the best answers I can give. You may quote what I'm saying here, but please try to get it right
http://pauillac.inria.fr/~doligez/ssl/press-conf.html (12kb)

Break through Network Engineering Technologies' Firewall to win $10,000
http://www.thefirewall.com/ (1kb)

OK, here is another "SSL challenge" for your cracking pleasure. I hope this time people will be able to put together more of a group effort to show how large numbers of less powerful machines can crack these keys.
http://www.brute.cl.cam.ac.uk/brute/hal2 (45kb)

W E L C O M E   T O   C Y B E R I A N . O R G
Cyberian.org currently just is. There's nothing spectacular here.
http://www.cyberian.org/ (3kb)

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