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http://forbidden.net-security.org/zines/index.htm (2kb)

Liquid Diagnostics, by DiGiTaL-FiRe, SYNth, XTreme, dArk sEvErEd
http://digitalfire.cjb.net/ (66kb)

get the latest smoking hot issue!!!
http://www.b0g.org/ (36kb)

BadSector Networx
The homesite of BadSector Networx, the creators of BadByte. We offer ARCHIVES, UTILITIES, HACKS, ZINES, CRACKS, IRC SCRIPTS, and much, mcuh more!!!!
http://www.badsector.org.uk/ (3kb)

Cha0s News Network
Old-school warez newsletter
http://www.cnnhq.org.uk/ (4kb)

Cyber-Zine - The Largest E-Zine Archive - http://cyber-zine.virtualave.net/
The largest underground e-zines archive.
http://cyber-zine.virtualave.net/ (6kb)

Hack-Tic Magazine Archive
All issues of the former Hack-tic Magazine, a Dutch hacking magazine.
http://www.hacktic.nl/ (3kb)

Hacker E-Zines
Hacker E-zines
http://blacksun.box.sk/ezine.html (4kb)

ifj #16 h.q.
Magainze dedicated to the electronic underground, in print since 1987. * hackers * squatters * punks * ravers * DIY * phreakers * contacts * dumpster diving * mobile living * comix * musik * phun * defcon * interviews * scanners * h/p/a websites reviewed * poetry * photos * erotica *zine & book reviews *
http://globalgoodys.com/ifj16/ (13kb)

The Phone Punx Network include the alt.phreaking FAQ, various zines including Phone Punx Magazine and OCPP, as well as other phreaking webpages
http://fly.to/ppn (3kb)

The Outsiders' Page - E-Zines
http://www.blubb.at/sweety/ezines.html (23kb)

TVH - E-zines en espaņol
e-zines en espaņol
http://www.bilbaoweb.com/vanhackez/h/espazines.html (39kb)

TVH - E-zines guiris Ezines guiris
http://www.bilbaoweb.com/vanhackez/h/guirizines.html (35kb)

Underground E-zines
The Codebreakers
http://hackersclub.com/km/magazines/cbs.html (4kb)

Underground E-zines
Confidence Remains High
http://hackersclub.com/km/magazines/crh.html (5kb)

Underground E-zines
th3 b4b0 Ezine
http://hackersclub.com/km/magazines/b4b0.html (5kb)

Underground E-zines
http://hackersclub.com/km/magazines/hwa.html (7kb)

Underground E-zines
http://hackersclub.com/km/magazines/phrack.html (4kb)

Underground E-zines
Keen Veracity - by LOU
http://hackersclub.com/km/magazines/lou.html (5kb)

Underground E-zines
http://hackersclub.com/km/magazines/io.html (4kb)

Underground E-zines
Forbidden Knowledge
http://hackersclub.com/km/magazines/fk.html (4kb)

Untitled New
Hacking, virii zine collection. Site is in italian, but zines are sorted by language - italian, english, spanish
http://hackerzine.interfree.it/ (1kb)

Wang Products
Home of the Wang Hack FAQ, latest issues contains information about bypassing proxy servers and hacking ICQ
http://www.wangproducts.co.uk/ (1kb)

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