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't Klaphek
Welcome to the homepage of 't Klaphek, a magazine for dutch speaking hackers and phreakers.
http://www.klaphek.nl/ (9kb)

<=- Under Zine -=>
Hack Crack Phreak Zine
http://underzine.b3.nu/ (1kb)

The anarchist french webzine with news, forums, links and hpavc
http://www.anarchy99.net/alternative/ (4kb)

Blackbox - electronic computer security zine
http://black.box.sk/ (10kb)

entrance to the Kafka Conspiracy Czberpunk PROJECT
cyberpunk, hacking, linx, shadowrun... and more - authors needed...:))
http://cyberpunk.kgb.cz/ (3kb)

Fluid Enterprises Inc.
Fluid Enterprises currently publishes a monthly ezine titled "The Emporium." Topic included Computer Security, the internet and humor.
http://fluid.hack3r.com/ (2kb)

GrandTheft - [http://www.grandtheft.com] New
Distribution site for the grand theft info magazine, a free hacking/security e-zine
http://smarthack.com/homepages/infotheft/frame.html (1kb)

GRR presents GRRRR.net: comics destroy and build zuerich, switzerland Webcomics based on html,gif,animatedGIF and javascript GRR1: GRR watches video GRR2: GRRsticker GRR3: GRR goes hitchhacking GRR4: GRR and his mobile-phone GRR5: this is america GRR6: GRR walks trough Langstrasse, Zuerich Switzerland GRRheadquarter: this is zuerich! GRRshop: you can order printed GRRcomics GRRlinks: some links GRRnews: drawings in a squatted house
http://grrrr.net/ (8kb)

Hack-Tic Magazine Archive
All issues of the former Hack-tic Magazine, a Dutch hacking magazine.
http://utopia.hacktic.nl/ (3kb)

Illegal Operations - We got your root directory swangin!
Distributions, online magazine, interviews, reviews, articles, texts, network security, gaming, downloads, previews, hacking, e-zine, programming, software, programs, links, and source code.
http://www.illegaloperations.com/ (8kb)

InET - Underground Research Group
InET is a group of science and technology enthusiasts who are restless and work hard to contribute in the development of the hacker comunity. We are fighting against information abuses, corporative manipulations and discovering the way of the truth using knowledge and reason as our allies.
http://warpedreality.com/inet/ (1kb)

N o K e y Z
NoKeyZ ezine, del Underground Informatico Hispano.
http://www.nokeyz.net/ (1kb)

Phrack Magazine Article Search
http://phrack.infonexus.com/ (4kb)

PLE - We've got Issues
Phonelosers of england provide the premier UK info for the underground scene. We have a zine and everything else youd expect. Learn something useful for a change.
http://www.phonelosers.co.uk/ (1kb)

Private Line Magazine's Home Page
PrivateLine is a zine dedicated to phreaking
http://www.privateline.com/ (30kb)

Projeto V - Virtualis
Brazilian underground ezine in Portuguese -- hacking, phreaking, programming, cracking and more.
http://projetov.hypermart.net/Virtualis/virtualis.html (13kb)

Riot Revolution
Riot Revolution is an electronic zine, that stands and fights for many things. Some of these things are Class War, Anarchy, The Working Class and fighting back against capitlaism and all of the evils of present day government.
http://riotrevolution.hypermart.net/ (10kb)

Share what you know, learn what you don't
Krash Mag
http://www.krash.org.uk/ (9kb)

SWAT Magazine: The UK's #1 underground e-zine for Hacking, Phreaking, Carding, Anarchy and MORE!
We cover all underground topics, ranging from anarchy, to coding, cracking, hacking, the lot! We're the UK's BIGGEST and LONGEST RUNNING underground e-zine.
http://www.swateam.org/ (5kb)

Electronic Magazines
http://www.textfiles.com/magazines/ (35kb)

The Crank State Has Risen
Crank Magazine - Web Edition
http://www.crank.com/ (1kb)

The Satanic Bible - Anton Szandor LaVey
The Brotherhood of Warez Cyber-Neurotic Reality Test. Home of BoW Magazine, and The Velkro Kode Warrior. Phear BoW!@#$!@
http://www.velkro.net/ (1kb)

Lithuanian hacker's mag
http://ehack.hypermart.net/ (5kb)

Wodnik Shuvarez i jego stuff
And now, chix & doodz, the famous KRaDz e-zine...
http://lech7.pse.pl/~lech7/ (4kb)

[ outcasts.org owning mississauga in the year 2k ]
Hello, friend! our mission here, at outcasts.org is to provide people with high quality valid information, regarding the internet, computers, and electronics, in the form of an electronic zine.
http://www.outcasts.org/ (7kb)

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