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Home : Advisories : Compaq Web-Based Management on a Netware server reveals sensitive system files

Title: Compaq Web-Based Management on a Netware server reveals sensitive system files
Released by: iXsecurity
Date: 7th November 2000
Printable version: Click here
iXsecurity Security Vulnerability Report

No: iXsecurity.20001107.compaq-wbm.a


Vulnerability Summary


Problem:  The default installation of Compaq Web-Based

               Management on a Netware server reveals

               sensitive system files

Threat:   Anyone that has access to port 2301 on a

               Netware server can read the system

               password (Remote Console password)

Platform: Compaq Web-Based Management on Netware

               (Software version 2.28 verified)

Solution: Disable the Web Agent

Vulnerability Description


http://netware.server.with.CWBM:2301/survey is

accessible for everyone by default and contains

sensitive system files:



The system password (Remote Console password)

and other passwords (SNMP ControlCommunity)

may be in clear text in any of these files.



Compaq recommend that you disable the web agent

until a resolution has been provided.

Additional Information


Many administrators install Compaq Web-Based Management

by default when they are installing Netware on a Compaq

machine. Web-Based Management listens on port 2301 and

anonymous access is allowed by default. iXsecurity have

to point out that none of our customers have changed

any Compaq user password until the first audit report


Some Compaq installations have ports 49400 and 49401 open

too. These ports are not verified.

Vendor response


Mr. Vitek,

This is a known issue with an advisory available on the Compaq website as

indicated below:


Until a resolution has been provided, it would be recommended that you

disable the web agents as indicated in that advisory.

Thank You,

Compaq eServices

TRACKING NUMBER: A00000367277-00001144068


//Ian Vitek



iXsecurity (former Infosec) is a Swedish and United

Kingdom based tigerteam that have worked with computer-

related security since 1982 and done technical security

audits (pentests) since 1996. iXsecurity is now searching

for co-workers in Sweden and UK.

Call Stafferod for more information

tel: +46-8-6621070


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