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Home : Advisories : ColdFusion Denial of Service vulnerability in sample script

Title: ColdFusion Denial of Service vulnerability in sample script
Released by: Niels Heinen
Date: 9th December 2000
Printable version: Click here

Subject: ColdFusion Denial of Service vulnerability in sample script

Software: ColdFusion Server Professional 4.5.1 Eval for Windows (SP2)

Risk Level: Medium

Author: Niels Heinen

Vendor Status: The vendor has released a document concerning this


Exploitable: Remotely


Impact of the vulnerability:


The vulnerability can crash the ColdFusion server and in some cases the

system it is installed on. The problem will potentially cause the denial

of web-

based services on the server.

Who's vulnerable ?


All servers running ColdFusion version 4.5.1 with certain optional

example scripts. To be vulnerable, the administrator must have

first chosen the example scripts during installation.

Technical description:


During installation of the ColdFusion server, the user is given the

chance to load specific example scripts. One of these example scripts

is a search engine. This search engine has the ability to detect whether

the directories on the server are indexed. If the directories are not

indexed, the search engine calls a second script that indexes the

directories. Requests to this indexing script can also be made by

a remote user through a web browser.

The problem is that while doing this, the CPU usage will rise to

70% load. If several requests are made, the server's CPU increases to

100% load level and remains there. In some tests, the ColdFusion server

(cfserver.exe) stopped handling requests completely.

A malicious user could potentially launch a denial of service attack

by requesting the indexing script several times.



Allaire created a document last year (recently updated).

This document covers the example scripts that are (optionally)

installed with the server. Allaire clearly advocates

the removal of these examples as a best practice.

This document is available on the Allaire web site at:


In future Allaire will make the second, indexing script only

accessible from the local host.  like all the other example scripts.

More information:


Bug Finder: Niels Heinen

Allaire web site: http://www.allaire.com

Allaire security email: security@allaire.com

SecurityWatch.com: http://www.securitywatch.com

We wish to thank Allaire and especially Malcolm Gin for the quick

response and level of cooperation.




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