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Home : Security Tools : Back Orifice 2000

Program name: Back Orifice 2000
Author: Cult of the dead cow
Date: 8th June 2000
Homepage: http://www.bo2k.com/
Download: http://www.bo2k.com/indexdownload.html

Future list (source: docs):

Feature List:

-Open source architecture ensures product development in the future
-Open source provides a trusted environment, and promotes security
-Easy installation on both client and server machines

Client Features
-Address book style server list
-Plugin extensibility
-Multiple server connections at once
-Customizable look-and-feel
-Session logging
-Native Server Support
-Keystroke logging
-HTTP filesystem browsing and transfer, with optional restrictions.
-Management of Microsoft Networking file sharing
-Direct registry editing
-Direct file browsing, transfer, and management
-Plugin extensibility
-Remote upgrading, installation, and uninstallation
-Network redirection of TCP/IP connections
-Access console programs such as command shells through Telnet
-Multimedia support for audio/video capture, and audio playback
-NT registry passwords and Win9x screensaver password dumping
-Process control, start, stop, list
-Multiple client connections over any medium
-GUI message prompts
-Proprietary file compression
-Remote reboot
-DNS name resolution Features Added By Plugins
-Cryptographically Strong Triple-DES encryption
-Remote desktop with optional mouse and keyboard control
-Drag and drop encrypted file transfers and Explorer-like filesystem browsing
-Graphical remote registry editing
-Reliable UDP and ICMP communications protocols

Program screenshot

(C) 1999-2000 All rights reserved.